Shazam! (2019) Review


Shazam is the power to become your very own superhero, but this can only be passed onto someone who is pure of heart. Foster kid Billy Baston gets this opportunity, when he has pretty much given up on life.


To be brutally honest I really wasn’t really sure what to expect from Shazam and we must remember that DC don’t have the greatest track record in recent years. I think that is possibly why I did not rush to see it. Plus being annoyed about missing the Unlimited preview screening! I am therefore pleased to report very early on in this review that I totally loved this film. I thought it was just so much fun and exactly the film I needed to watch right now.

Starting off the film with a young boy in a car with his horrible father and having a very odd experience but not being worthy of the wizard’s power. This then fast forwarded to the present day with Dr. Sivana who was that boy and had been searching for this event he swore was real. Searching for others with similar experiences and the same symbols that appear before you disappear and then return.

This obviously builds in so nicely with Billy Baston and his tough life being a foster child and constantly searching for his mother who he was separated from when he was a young child. Spending his time bouncing from different foster homes he seems to be on his very last chance when Rosa and Victor Vasquez take him in with the other five foster children they have living with them.

It obviously isn’t the most conventional family set it up it certainly does work for them and just what Billy needs. He then becomes the chosen one to become Shazam and must get the help from Freddy who knows everything about superheroes.

The film is just so much fun, it is plain and simple as that. Shazam is realising your best potential and I think that is such an amazing approach as a superhero. Even more so if you are having a bad day! We should focus more on the positive and what we might be able to achieve and striving to do just that.

Something else I really loved about the film was the different links to popular culture. Squeezing in quite a few Batman and Superman references and items was a nice touch as well. But the Big moment on the floor piano stood out for me as well!

Performances were all very good as well with Zachary Levi really showing off in so many different ways as Shazam and getting away with the silly and daft moments that I really did enjoy. Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer were also stand outs as Billy and Freddy. Mark Strong who really is one of my favourite actors just has everything so perfect for being the bad guy and really excelled in this role.

I thought the film pushed the upper limits of being a 12A in the UK and would love to think of a 15 version of the film which could be similar to Deadpool in the no holds barred approach. Overall though a really enjoyable and fun film, I hope this does well as I really do want more Shazam already!

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