Batman & Robin (1997) Review


Batman and Robin must work as a team to stop Mr Freeze from putting Gotham City into a new ice age, as he teams up with Poison Ivy.


When we look at Batman in the 90s then this film was the fourth in that series, even though I guess we need to look at them in twos and this being more of a follow-up to Batman Forever. With Robin really forcing Bruce Wayne into being a team/partnership together. I need to explain that I can remember seeing this film at the cinema back in 1997 which means I was 9 turning 10 and I probably thought it was the greatest film ever as I already did love Batman.

I have since watched the film a lot over the years and truly amuse myself with it from start to finish on each viewing. I know, I know it is regarded not only as the worst Batman film ever but also one of the worst films of all time. I like to think of it as a guilty pleasure and so bad its good . . . Plenty will disagree but I don’t really care and I think that it is a totally different blog post in all honesty.

I will therefore do my best to review this film, it is pretty awful and all over the place in terms of story and has the cheesiest script. Mr Freeze wants everything to be cold and wants to make Gotham pay for the accident that made him Mr Freeze. A former doctor who wants nothing more than to cure his wife, who he froze until developing this cure. Batman and Robin are fighting with each other mainly over Posion Ivy who keeps putting spells on men who she wants to manipulate. Then we have Barbra Wilson the niece of Alfred showing up and not wanting to go back to school. Alfred having health problems and showing the relationship with Bruce is probably the nicest part in the film and that in the story could have actually made a very good film.

We get a messy and weak plot which is all over with the characters not really having a massive amount to really do. Mr Freeze is laughable but I guess that is what happens when you have Arnie painted blue! I actually rather enjoy Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy as I feel she is hilarious with her delivery, I am always pleased though that Julia Roberts turned down the role. Do we feel George Clooney was at least decent as Bruce Wayne even if he wasn’t good as Batman? I feel he needs a tiny bit of credit just for those scenes with Michael Gough. I feel that I should just skip past mentioning Alicia Silverstone, she really wasn’t given anything good to work with.

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts good, bad and indifferent about this film, come on I am curious. Surely at least one other person sees this as a guilty pleasure! I cannot be the only one!

15 thoughts on “Batman & Robin (1997) Review

  1. I admit it: I’ve never watched the whole movie. I love so much Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman returns that the scenes I’ve seen of this one made me decide not to watch it. Ever.

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  2. I hated it. By that point it had just become a goofy “lets see how many big stars we can let loose” story. I honestly can’t remember a thing I liked about it.

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  3. God Damn Uma Thurman was hot in this feature. Wish she was the main villain. Did not need Mr. Freeze at all. I wanted to see Batman and Robin try to kill eachother to get to Poison Ivy and she just ends up with Harley Quin

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  4. It’s not just that it’s bad, but that it’s so lazy and oozes so much contempt for its audience. There’s a difference between a film that’s bad because it went wrong somewhere and one that’s bad because everyone involved just couldn’t give a shit.

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