Wayne’s World (1992) Review


Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar have their own cable public access show, but when Benjamin Oliver decides that the show is worth something they go professional with it. Can it really work out though?


Firstly I feel the need to apologise that I had never actually watched this film before now, I had seen the Bohemian Rhapsody part though (who hasn’t?) and it was lovely to see that so early on in the film. I must admit that it is silly, daft and utterly excellent all at the same time.

I just love how the film pokes fun at the different genres and so tongue in cheek at times that makes for great comedy in my opinion. I also loved the soundtrack and songs that were in it throughout, obviously starting off with the now legendary Bohemian Rhapsody car sing-a-long/head banning scene. I just feel that it really does sum up how you listen and how you enjoy singing along with that one. Then having a small cameo type role for Meat Loaf and then a performance from Alice Cooper as well as a chat with him certainly added to the film for me.

The plot wasn’t difficult to follow or anything really special, but the best thing about it was that it was perfect for the style of comedy they went for in this film. Stupid comedy, nothing too complicated or complex. Just funny characters you can laugh at and with, a difficult mix to get right but Wayne’s World totally nails it!

The show that Wayne and Garth put on was nothing special and utterly stupid, but that was the charm of it all. Then as they are going to get screwed over as they had no idea about contracts and what they were letting themselves in for. I personally loved the ending where they went through a few different scenarios, especially the Scooby Doo one. Again poking fun at what films do and how they should end, maybe we need more comedy like this now? It certainly is a very odd genre at times, maybe we need to look at the 80s and 90s for a different style and that it really did work so well.

I guess not many actors do comedy as well as Mike Myers and it was great to see him as Wayne. Utterly goofy and believable as the air headed man struggling to come to terms with his life and the many jobs he had tried and failed at over the years. Dana Carvey offered a very good foil for Myers and the pair really do work so well together and that was satisfying to watch. Throw in Rob Lowe in the straight role trying to work with them both really was a good choice, the almost perfect man with her perfect life and plenty of money. The total opposite of Wayne, making for a good balance to the comedy aspects of the story and how it all progresses.

Pleased that I have eventually caught up with this 90s classic!

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