Batman Returns (1992) Review


Corrupt businessman Max Shreck is about to unleash chaos in Gotham when he comes across Penguin, a man who was abandoned as a baby because of his looks, now he will push him as major. Whilst also accidentally creating Catwoman from Selina. Batman must rise to protect Gotham City again.


Tim Burton’s second Batman film saw Michael Keaton returning to the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Which was certainly a good thing as we get even greater character development. This time though he is given two bad guys to come up against.

Max Shreck will stop at nothing to increase his wealth, Selina a rather shy and lonely office worker got in the way one night and he attempts to kill her. But she is saved and has an alter ego of Catwoman. In the meantime he is attempting to help Penguin and change Gotham forever.

I personally think this is a fantastic follow-up to Batman (1989) and keeps the same gothic feel which Burton is so well-known for, so I guess we already know what to expect from this style of Batman. While we don’t have Prince songs throughout this one we do have a truly perfect score fitting in with the scenes.

Now this is a film I have been watching from being a kid, although I am sure it is now rated 15? I guess I can understand why considering I have always been terrified of Danny DeVito as penguin. I really still am, a haunting performance. The nose biting scene still gets to me to this day! Which I guess is great praise for DeVito considering I find his Penguin one of the most terrifying on film, the way they made him look was outstanding and creepy!

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is utterly brilliant as well, she gets some outstanding one liners and moments. I particularly love the scene where she licks Batman’s face, yes that might sound like a very strange one to mention but I really do think it is just perfect! Watching it now though some of the lines are rather on the edge in terms of sex, yes I am talking about the Catwoman and Penguin moment when she is lying on his bed!

Keaton continues to impress as Bruce Wayne building on that from the first film, admitting he has no luck with women. Selina comes into his life this time round. We also get some good scenes with Alfred again as well.

I therefore really do enjoy this film still and with each viewing I think I appreciate it even more. The performance and script just work out so well, the Gotham City that has been created is full of mayhem. Penguin being an amazingly terrifying villain which brings out the best from DeVito. Catwoman being a truly kick ass female character showing that it existed back in the 90s. I don’t even care that she is more on the bad side, still an amazing character! This film along with Burton’s first really made me love Batman so much!

8 thoughts on “Batman Returns (1992) Review

  1. Someone recently posted that, in their opinion, this is the best “Batman” movie of them all – whether it lands that high up on your list or not, your terrific review shows why it is certainly the most under-rated of them all

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