Batman (1989) Review


Bruce Wayne becomes Batman to protect Gotham City, the first villain he must face is The Joker.


The first of two Tim Burton Batman films and this really is still a fantastic superhero film. Gotham City is beginning to have a problem with criminals and billionaire Bruce Wayne is about to do something about it. Becoming the dark knight also known as Batman he wants to protect the city he loves whilst also seeking vengeance for the death of his parents.

Jack Napier is the right hand man to crime boss Carl Grissom and when he is set up by the police it appears he is dead due to falling in chemicals. That might have been the better option when he is helped with his face and the burns he becomes The Joker. A truly outstanding reveal as Burton toys with us hearing Nicholson laugh and smash a mirror before we actually get to see what he now looks like. I feel this Joker is directly from the comics and only Nicholson could have played the character in this amazing manner.

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Something the Joker asks many times throughout the film, mix that in with Prince providing the music and an incredible Batman/Bruce Wayne from Michael Keaton and you have a truly outstanding film. Burton’s dark tone is perfect for Gotham City and the life he puts into the characters. It isn’t too dark though it has the crazy side to it as well, something which I think just works so well for this film and makes it that good.

Bruce Wayne being very lonely and only having his butler Alfred is good character development when Vicki Vale comes in the picture. Something Alfred really pushes and basically he wants Bruce to have some happiness in his life. Everything with this moves at a good pace and also gives Joker someone to target which again helps the storyline flow in a very good way.

My only gripe with this film and it is a very small one which I guess shows how times have changed but Basinger as Vale just screams throughout and has that whole damsel in distress thing going on and I have never ever enjoyed that side of the main female character in the film. That is just the way I have always felt about her character even from watching the film years ago as well.

Michael Keaton is very good in the film and offers a very good Bruce Wayne/ Batman showing good development from start to finish. Engaging ever so nicely with Jack Nicholson as the over the top Joker who certainly gets some truly fantastic one liners. Would we really expect anything less from Nicholson? His version of the Joker really is off the wall and nuts, which makes this film great. Michael Gough deserves a mention as Alfred as well, he goes from strength to strength in this.

The action scenes are decent and we get to see a pretty simple bat suit as well as a rather cool Batmobile as well. Something that you just have to enjoy and love in a Batman film!

9 thoughts on “Batman (1989) Review

  1. Tim Burton’s Batman is still my favourite Batman movie. Keaton and Nicholson are great in the lead roles, and the action set-pieces are really good. Most of all though, it gets the dark, gothic look and tone of the Dark Knight’s world just right. A brilliant film!

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  2. I really hope the rumours are right and that we are getting a 4K UHD edition of this film this summer, to celebrate its anniversary. I haven’t seen the film for a few years and would love an opportunity to see it in definitive quality. I love the gothic noir of Burton’s film, it feels gritty and real and this was lost with the more fantasy-like sequel, which I really can’t imagine ever watching again.

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