The Next Big Film launches UK’s first box office prediction game!

The Next Big Film launches UK’s first box office prediction game


New start-up The Next Big Film is bringing the UK’s first box office prediction game to market.  The Leeds company has created an innovative app-based game that allows you to ‘own’ your favourite film releases to compete with fellow film lovers by predicting which movie you think will perform best at the box office.  The game is an opportunity to put your (virtual) money where your mouth is and will test your movie knowledge.

Loosely based on the concept of fantasy football, The Next Big Film aims to deliver more by creating a central platform for film fans to not only play the game, but build film communities, access movie news and updates, as well as film information and trailers.

CEO and Founder of The Next Big Film Byron Thomas commented: “The Next Big Film provides a multi-dimensional experience that rivals the films themselves and will redefine the film industry.  We are passionate about film and have always played a version of this game on paper ourselves between friends.  Before our app, there was no UK-based game and no daily play game.  We wanted to take our vision to the next level, paving the way for a different take on film and competitive entertainment.”

Byron Thomas continues: “As genuine film fans, we’re tired of reading recycled film articles and believe that film fans want more.  The industry is lacking a platform where we, the audience, can actively engage with film.  It’s become complacent and reluctant to move with the times, as well as unwilling to adapt or incorporate new ideas and technology.  The Next Big Film challenges this by further extending the film experience.  It’s fun, interactive and enables players to connect with their favourite movies.”

The concept is simple – players take on the role of a leading movie mogul working for a film studio to compete and bid for films that they think will be successful at an online auction with virtual money.  The highest bid wins the rights to distribute the film.  The film is added to the player’s personal movie roster and the player receives the film’s box office revenue.  There are also weekly side bets, which allow you to predict the box office performance of new releases.

The Next Big Film app is now available to download via the App Store.  You can visit, follow on Twitter @TheNextBigFilm_ or join the conversation on Facebook.

I was sent this as a press release earlier today and downloaded the app straight away, it looks like it could be an interesting game to get involved in. Not many films are currently on it but I am assuming it will grow when more people download and get involved. 

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