Beast (2017) Review


Moll hasn’t had the easiest of lives and is currently trapped by her parents, helping to care for her ill father. When a stranger named Pascal Renouf appears, she begins a relationship with him despite him being the suspect for the brutal murders which have taken place in the small island community.


I heard quite a lot about this film last year but failed to see it when it was released at the cinema. Having now caught up I can say that the film is not he easiest or best to watch, it has a very slow pace (even after 35 minutes nothing had really happened) and the story isn’t fully engaging. But something that is very good are the performances. Mainly from Jessie Buckley who really is engaging and impressive in the leading role. Johnny Flynn is very good opposite her as well, both bringing out good performances in the other.

The plot does have a very slight twist towards the end, but I am sure you will probably work it out as well. The story does make you wonder and doubt what is the truth and who is actually lying. With Moll having rather vivid dreams it is therefore tricky to work out if she is telling the truth about anything and an event which happened in her past. But when she tries to make that right it doesn’t go to plan which really does cause doubt over her character.

Pascal does not come across in a very good manner and that is something that creates big doubt over him throughout the film and as it all develops you really are not sure which way it is going to go. I guess the ending could be seen as shocking, but the build up really meant that anything could have happened. That is when we understand why it is called Beast! Who actually is the beast though? Well, to find that out you will have to watch the film.

As I mentioned earlier this really is a standout performance from Jessie Buckley and she really does deserve so much credit. Going through a huge range of emotions from start to finish in the film. Her screams are haunting at times and that is certainly something I was not really expecting. I think it really is great to see her doing so well, having first come across her on I’d Do Anything back in 2008.



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