Us (2019) Review


Haunted by her past Adelaide Wilson is about to confront the moment that changed her when on a holiday with her family she is back at the same place and the memories start to return and nothing feels right anymore.


The what should be relaxing family holiday is anything but when doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorise the Wilson family. What do they actually want though? Why the sadistic nature and where did they come from? I guess those are even questions we have from the trailer in all honesty and obviously I won’t actually be answering any of them throughout this review. No spoilers for this very strange film so I must try my best to explain my thoughts on it.

Let’s actually start with the trailer which managed to be utterly terrifying from start to finish. However, the trailer makes it look and feel like a very different one to what you end up watching. I actually found myself nervous when it started. That didn’t really last very long in all honesty as early on with the house of mirrors I felt it wasn’t even going to have jumpy scary moments.

I even found myself laughing at times as certain things were just well ridiculous. I am meaning the different noises the doppelgängers made and the way Red spoke. The thing is though it really could have been scary and creepy but it walked the fine line and I just found it stupid and at times then funny. I guess you can see where this review is going and that I really did not like or enjoy the film. I didn’t really get the point of it and was left feeling very disappointed.

Performances were good though I cannot deny that especially when each actor then had two different characters to portray due to the attack of the doppelgängers. So having to do two totally different roles within one film is impressive, even if I did find moments laughable. Better than being totally scared though surely? Lupita Nyong’o was in the main role and managed both sides and was creepy at times as well.

The twist. The film does have a twist, I am happy to say that I worked it out quite early on. I didn’t really think it was that difficult to do really when you think of some of the early scenes. Even if I did think parts of it were totally crazy, that was something I managed to work out.

Hype around this film was rather big considering Get Out and the critical acclaim Jordan Peele gained from it. I think sometimes though that makes it tough when heading into a film with very high expectations. This one just wasn’t for me and I don’t find anything wrong in admitting that, I just didn’t like anything about it which sounds brutal. I don’t mean it like that though, as I know a lot of people will like and appreciate it. Just not for me this one at all.

4 thoughts on “Us (2019) Review

  1. Interesting review! I saw the movie and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to (damned hype…), but for different reasons. I wrote it on my blog, if you want to pass by!

    In a nutshell, the tense atmosphere worked for me, but I didn’t find the story well-developed.

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