Fisherman’s Friends (2019) Review


Ten fishermen from Cornwall are just getting on with their lives when music producer Danny is on a stag do and at first is tricked into trying to sign them. But he finds something special and believes they can be top-selling artists.


This is a truly lovely and nice British film and probably exactly what you will expect from it after seeing the trailer. So it certainly does not disappoint. I love this type of film I cannot lie, it really is an inspiring story really highlighting the importance of friendship. Generations of families still working and living in the small village and having such an amazing community.

Even though it is based on a true story it all still feels very unlikely. Fishermen who just so happen to sing, keeping old songs alive as they go to work on the boats. They don’t just fish though they also save people if they end up stranded in the sea.

When four men arrive from London for a stag do that doesn’t really seem to go right the fishermen had no idea how everything was about to change. Even though it started as a joke, sometimes things happen for a reason.

Even though Danny was being stitched by his manager Troy, he actually bought into the Fisherman’s Friends group and saw potential that they actually had something a little bit different. All of the sea shanties songs they would sing while old was not really done anymore. I thought that gave us a really good character development that getting to know the group and being in the small village changed Danny for the better. He had made mistakes and been money driven but eventually realised that things are worth a lot more than just making money.

Jim seemed to be the leader and was very cynical towards everything and that is something that we get to know a little bit more about. He just didn’t really seem to want to believe anything that Danny was promising them. The romance as well between Danny and Alwyn makes things a little bit more complicated.

It manages to have a good level of humour and comedy to keep everything a little less serious and that is certainly another good thing about the film, being able to laugh as it felt very real. You can really imagine the group behaving in the manner in which they did throughout. That is what creates a community and group, the ability to be able to laugh and have fun together. The fact they ended up making a top 10 UK chart album was certainly an amazing achievement and I guess no-one would have ever thought it would be possible.

I felt Daniel Mays was very impressive leading the film, I have seen him in a lot of supporting roles in British films over the years and thought he was engaging enough in the leading role. Throw in James Purefoy, David Hayman, Dave Johns and Swainsbury in the supporting roles and it certainly works out very well. I hope this film gets a lot of people going to see it as it really is inspiring.

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