The Incredible Hulk (2008) Review


Dr Bruce Banner is a Scientist who is on the run from the US government after an experiment went wrong and he now transforms into a monster when he gets angry. He is attempting to find a cure for himself while in exile.


Following the events of the Gamma Bomb, that is how Banner was involved and attempting to find the cure to his unique condition. Whenever he is under emotional stress which causes his heart rate to increase the big green monster is released. He cannot control this monster and it is pretty much like he is two people.

He had to leave his life behind and that included Betty. So it was actually a nice moment when they saw each other again after he had been in hiding for five years. Banner is in Brazil trying to live a quiet life with a normal job while constantly trying to come up with a cure. The plot is a little bit more complex in terms of General Thunderbolt Ross being the father of his love Betty.

The government wanted to recreate what Banner has but nothing seems to have the same effect. So The Abomination is created but doesn’t really work in the same way. The Hulk must then fight this man turned monster. That does create some interesting scenes but this film is always lacking something for me. Which is a shame really as this was part of the real starting point for the Marvel Universe. Even if when it comes to the Avengers and the rest of the films Mark Ruffalo comes in as Banner/Hulk.

This was actually my first viewing of this film, I am not entirely sure how or why I haven’t caught up with it before now. I guess I felt a different actor in later films put me off a little bit as it wouldn’t feel as linked. But it does have a few moments which do tie into the universe.  I guess the film also works as a standalone one, something I feel is for evident for the early phase one films. As we get deeper into the universe too many things tie together for viewers to fully understand by only watching one film.

Edward Norton is a very good actor and he was really good in the role of Banner/Hulk. I guess it is a little bit of a shame that we only get him in this one. He works very well with Liv Tyler as well, great to see her in this kind of role but a shame she wasn’t taken any further. William Hurt was very good and we do get to see General Ross again but it certainly does take many years!

Glad I have caught up though as I have seen every other film at the cinema and then loads of re-watches on TV and streaming services.

2 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk (2008) Review

  1. Before seeing Mark Ruffalo take over the role so many times now, I always thought the dream cast for the Hulk would be Norton as Banner, Connoly as Betty Ross, and Sam Elliott as Thunderbolt Ross. This movie was fun, but forgettable with Norton being the high point.

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