Game of Thrones (Season 2) Review


Number of Episodes: 10
Running time: Approximately 55mins per episode

The second season in the epic series that is Game of Thrones is mainly based around the War of the Five Kings. As many feel they have a claim to the Iron Throne! This creates for some fantastic moments.

Following the dramatic death of Ned Stark, I mean come on I still haven’t got over it from watching it years ago let alone now. I thought he was going to be the leading character throughout the full series so still a very huge shock! The Stark’s end up pretty much seperated across Westeros and are not entirely sure where the rest of the family are.

Stannis is introduced as a new character and we get to see some very strange scenes with him, which take things to a different kind of dark level. Joffrey who is unsure about his claim to throne with the rumours of his true father. This leads to Robert’s bastards being slaughtered, but one manages to escape from King’s Landing with Arya of all people. As she pretends to be a boy in order to survive. We really see some great character development for her throughout this season which really is great to watch. I actually love the scenes she shares with Tywin who has no idea of her true identity but has worked it out that she is not a commoner.

Theon Greyjoy is to return home to the islands in order to get the support for his father for Robb Stark. This doesn’t go to plan and his character begins to change, a character that I really do hate. Although maybe not quite as much as Joffrey. His turning on the Stark’s is probably one of the most frustrating things in the series.

We also get a lot more with the Night Watch, Beyond the Wall and how Jon Snow is getting on trying to survive. You might want to turn away with the Craster situation living with his daughter/wives. That’s right then we still cannot get away from incest, this show certainly has plenty of that going on! We get more about the White Walkers and these scenes really are amazing to watch with the different effects that are used.

The Lannister’s and Stark’s are at war and Sansa and Jamie find themselves being used as pawns with them being in the opposite camp. It certainly has lots of twists and turns with the same characters not to be trusted. A favourite of mine is introduced though in Brienne of Tarth who wants nothing more than to be a knight not caring about her female gender.

Daenerys also has some great scenes as well, she is certainly one of my favourite characters. Her story is brilliant and we eventually get to see those dragons, we have to wait quite a while though but it is more than worth it.

Everything moves at a good pace showing that not all battles involve swords. They involve tactics and deals being made which I think is something quite interesting to think about really. As when you think of war you immediately think about constant day and night fighting. That is not the case her showing that decisions must be constantly made.


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