Blogathon: The Film That Started It All

The Film That Started It All Blogathon 



We all have that one truly special film, the one that really made your love for film and cinema so deep. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share this with each other and it could really create some positive thoughts and discussion. 

The film does not have to be the greatest ever made, just the one that you relate to as your biggest influence in terms of loving film and cinema! I have had this idea for quite a while now and after so many negative comments and attitudes on Twitter recently I felt we all needed do think positively about the films we love! 

Dates: April 19th-22nd 2019 

This gives more than a month to get involved and I thought it would be ideal to do this over the long Easter bank holiday weekend. So if you want to get involved please comment below and with which film you will be writing about (for this one it really doesn’t matter if someone else is writing about the same film). If you let me know which film you are going to be writing about I can put together your own graphic! 

This can be anything you want really in terms of format as well, if you want to do it as a list or an in-depth post detailing everything you loved and hopefully still love about the film. 

Please share this on your blog to help grow the announcement and get fellow bloggers to sign up! 

Taking Part:

Caz (Let’s Go To The Movies) – Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
GreendotEmo (Post-Credit Nerdie) – The Matrix
Martin (The Movie Nerd Strikes Back) – Jurassic Park
Emma (Emma @ The Movies) – Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy
Dan (Movie Marker) – Lost in Translation
Tom (Plain, Simple Tom Reviews) – 12 Angry Men
Sarah (Caution Spoilers) –
Battle Royale with Cheese – Masters of the Universe
Hoops2448 (The Sardonic Romantic) – Road to Perdition
Peter (Move.Freak.Be) – Star Wars: A New Hope & Evil Dead
Tyler (Now Playing! With MrMoviesETC) – Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Drew (Drew’s Movie Reviews) – Toy Story, Aladdin & Star Wars

38 thoughts on “Blogathon: The Film That Started It All

  1. Great idea. And I would love to write something about it. For me it’s a combination of 2 movies that started my love for film on different levels. “Star Wars – A New Hope” and “Evil Dead”. Hope you’re not expecting an extensive thesis 🙂

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  2. Love to take part in this but already reviewed this film, any chance I can add this post as not entered for any previous blogathons, Its for the TV Movie The Gift of Love? from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

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