Musical Moments – Game of Thrones Theme

Over the weekend I started watching Game of Thrones again from season one and therefore have heard the theme tune a lot as I’ve managed five episodes already!

I seriously forgot how good the first season was, but will I be able to fit them all in before the eighth and final season begins in April?

4 thoughts on “Musical Moments – Game of Thrones Theme

  1. I just watched season six (couldn’t imagine having the time for all seven seasons before April’s new episodes hit). It holds up very well and has gotten me back into the arcs etc. – I’ll be getting through season seven in a week or two, then I’ll be all primed and ready…

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    • I managed to watch 5 episodes in a very short space of time. I think On Demand helps with no adverts to fast forward like when the most recent season is on, haha.


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