Comedy: Jessie Cave – Sunrise (Newcastle) Review


Date: Tuesday 5th March 2019

Venue: Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle

Jessie Cave brought her comedy show Sunrise to Newcastle and that was something I have been really looking forward to since buying the tickets in December. Incase you don’t recognise the name but slightly the face, your right it is Lavender Brown from Harry Potter!

Sunrise is an in-depth look into her life after having two children very close together along with a rather crazy relationship with Alfie Brown a fellow comedian. With some details about the tough break up and raising the children, whilst also trying to get her life back on track in terms of relationships with a new younger boyfriend.

She tells these stories in a hilarious manner which certainly links to how utterly psycho social media has made us (I am blaming social media). Using two different pillows with men’s faces on to show the dialogue and I certainly could sympathise with some of the crazy moments. I am sure we have all been there at some point. If you haven’t already then I am sure this will be something to look forward to!

We are told these stories and how she attempts to balance everything with her young children which really does sound very difficult at times. We also get a little bit of Harry Potter, when she tells a story of attending a fan convention in France. But it also took a very serious turn when she throws in being raped. Not something I was expecting at all and had no idea about it, but it does link to one of the stories.

I am the same age as Jessie Cave and found it brilliant to be able to compare some of the crazy moments, obviously I cannot compare the having children part. But it doesn’t really make me want to rush out and have them either! She was very good on the very small stage, I was sat at the very front with my friend and it must feel very cosy or intimidating with everyone squashed together. It really does create a good atmosphere though.

I really would recommend this show, its nice to laugh and enjoy stand up comedy. I firmly believe this is something I need to do more often!

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