Leaving Neverland (2019) Review


A documentary looking into the relationships Michael Jackson started with two boys when they were aged 7 and 10. Now in their 30s and 40s they are ready to tell their story . . .

How true the stories are I guess we will never know for sure with it being ten years now since Michael Jackson died. This documentary has been released around that anniversary as well. Which I guess is certainly in very bad taste. The problem with these allegations and those that he actually fought against in court when he was still alive, no evidence actually exists.

It therefore seems a very strange time to release this 4 hour documentary. With some truly horrific stories of how the abuse started and progressed over the years. Especially when Wade Robson spoke on Michael’s behalf when he was accused and on trial. Everything about the trials were made public and now Robson is claiming that he was too scared to say anything against the singer he claims to still love.

Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck have very similar stories and this is something that could easily have been constructed together so they sounded like the standard thing that Jackson would do to the young boys he targeted and spent time with. Or it could be that was just how he worked it?

That’s the problem, it offers so many different questions that we don’t know, don’t get and will never get the answers too. Therefore a very frustrating time as it makes your head hurt trying to decide if you believe the stories from two men who Michael had once tried to help but now seem a little bit short on money. Everything possible goes around in your head as you don’t know what to believe.

The documentary is obviously one-sided and that is where it is so tough. The two men reliving the childhood they claimed was stolen along with their mothers who thought it was perfectly fine to allow their young sons to sleep in a bed with a 30-year-old man. I feel that issue is one of the biggest going here. Who would let that happen? I am sure it wouldn’t have happened if the man in question wasn’t one of the biggest music stars in the world? You must be able to stomach some awful details about the abuse as it does get very graphic at times.

Something else about this documentary though is that it has created such controversy towards Michael Jackson but then also towards the men who are accusing him. So much so that the details in it has caused radio stations around the world to ban Michael Jackson’s music, but then on the flip side to that his music is selling very well in the download chart. So despite the awful nature of the allegations in this made by the men claiming they were abused it has resulted in more sales for the Jackson estate.

So everyone is currently talking about this documentary and I am remaining fully on the fence as with no hard evidence it is impossible to know if the stories and events told are true. I mean I know the timelines of meetings and the different boys at different times are true due to photos and videos but of the actual abuse it is so hard to tell and the man who could really admit everything is no longer alive.



11 thoughts on “Leaving Neverland (2019) Review

  1. You make very valid points. The stories are absolutely revolting, and there seems to be no doubt that something untoward was going on – but since everyone on Jackson’s side was paid off, we’ll never hear more from the Maid, who at one point said she saw him naked with boys, but then suddenly won’t speak – $$$. It also is a shock to hear what Robson’s Mother did to the family in order to live the glamorous life with Jackson – with little self-awareness for just how badly she comes across – and it doesn’t help that Mark tried to sue the estate after his death – and after having testified on Jackson’s behalf twice before. So, your review nails it: while I want to believe them, and no doubt think at least some of it is true, they are WELL past the time when they should have spoken out…

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    • Oh totally! It is such a tough decision to make if they are telling the truth or not, I always find it strange when you think of the young actors he “hung out with” as well went off the rails with drugs but always denied anything happened (Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman)

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  2. Great review. Leaving Neverland is heartbreaking if anything. As a Micheal Jackson fanatic growing up Watching the documentary left me baffled and confused as to how do I listen to MJ’s songs without correlating them with these foul actions, true or not. Call me naive, but up until recently, I was sure MJ was wrongfully accused of child abuse and was only looking to compensate his own deprived childhood, hence the huge theme park, adolescent besties, childlike behavior… And now it’s leaving a stain on everything. I can’t understand the parents! What parent in their right mind would enable a grown man to sleep in the same bed with their child… Blinded by success. go figure?

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    • I know it seems common sense went totally out of the window. It’s just hard to believe that loads would just make up abuse claims? I guess it’s something we will never get real answers about.

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  3. I think it’d be difficult to say ‘nothing’ ever happened between MJ and the children that he had in his life, that obviously weren’t his. We’re all very aware of his unusual behaviour, especially in the later years, but this documentary was particularly uncomfortable, but also very strange in its general vibe/approach.

    I watched most of the first one, and felt that was more than enough detail wise. As you mention, the weirdest part was how happy the parents were about all the ‘free stuff’ and how they got to go along on the ‘adventures’, I mean what IS the documentary supposed to be about? How much the parents loved the first class/top suites or that they’re accusing someone of child abuse? That was strange.

    Sure, we need insight but everything is so odd here. However, I don’t deny that bad things happened in Neverland, MJ was (from what we’ve seen) not of a sound mind in terms of his connection between being an adult and being kept in a ‘child-like’ universe for many, many years. I think there should be huge questions to the people around him, letting things happen, that’s just as disturbing.

    If these stories are true, there has to be more, there has to be more ‘known’ truths out there. I guess… time will tell?

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    • Oh totally, after this I hope we get answers in all honesty. Like surely after the first allegations and court case it would make you think about what he had possibly done to your child as well? Just totally mind boggling.

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