Isn’t It Romantic (2019) Review


Natalie is struggling with her life, no one noticing her and has given up on love. She claims to hate romantic comedies it probably doesn’t help that her own mother told her that doesn’t happen for women like them! One day though she hits her head and as she wakes her whole life has become a romantic comedy.


I remember seeing the red carpet events for this film very recently and therefore was utterly surprised that this was available straight away on Netflix UK. Although not a bad thing if we were never going to get a cinema release. Having now watched the film I am actually so disappointed this wasn’t available on the big screen, that is a compliment! I throughly enjoyed the film and thought it took the rom-com approach in a good direction. Openly criticising them and then fully becoming one, it worked so well.

Natalie cannot believe her luck when men start falling all over her and especially when Blake is suddenly smitten with her, who wouldn’t be so impressed with that? We get the handsome men and the best friend scenario as she must realise her true feelings. Not forgetting plenty of random dance routines,  you know the ones where everyone joins in no matter on the location. I often wish life was more like that with musical moments I feel it would brighten up the day. Being able to laugh at general life things is something that we all should do more, this film is a gentle reminder of doing just that. Easy to follow and enjoyable, what more do we want from this genre?

Rebel Wilson was very good in the leading role, I felt this really was the perfect choice for her. We can all manage to feel sorry for her and hope things get better all at the same time. It is the type of film and role we would expect from Adam Devine, but he does it very well so not a compliant or anything just that he works well in this area. Also is impressive with Wilson. I adored the role Liam Hemsworth was in and thought he played some of the moments with such a great comic edge, yes scene on the phone kicking things I am talking about you!

I think a film like this really shows that actors like to have fun as well and often poke fun at other films they have made and those roles. I certainly think they have done well with this one in all honesty. I will openly admit that I do love a good rom-com and the bad ones are ok too! I would place this firmly in the good section and refreshing that in 2019 we can laugh and have fun with a film. Seriously the closing scene/number really did make me smile. I think that takes a lot for this genre to do now in all honesty. So what are you waiting for when this film is already on Netflix?

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