Oscars 2019 – Best Supporting Actor

The Best Supporting Actor category is often where we can expect an upset and I think it is pretty strong this year, only one of the nominations I find a little weak but I will explain that later. Ali seems to be the clear favourite for the award so I am hoping for an upset so my favourite can win! So it could be an interesting one or it could be the most predictable, not long now to find out though. I love Richard E. Grant and really would love to see him win, surely he would deliver the greatest and happiest speech of all time?


Let’s take a final look at the nominees for Best Actor in a Supporting Role . . .

Mahershala Ali, Green Book
Don’t get me wrong this is a very good performance and Ali is a terrific actor something we have seen a lot of in the last couple of years. I really enjoyed this film and thought it worked very well with Mortensen. He has been picking up the awards throughout the season and it seems it will take a lot for him not to walk away with the Oscar on Sunday night.

Adam Driver, BlacKkKlansman
This film is a tough watch as is anything with the KKK in it and Driver really is impressive as the cop who must pretend to be part of the group in order to try to bring them down. That makes for very tense viewing and I can really see and understand why he was nominated. A tough role which he more than nailed.

Sam Elliott, A Star is Born
Until watching this film for the second time I was left thinking that Elliott was nothing special in A Star Is Born. But I have since changed my mind and thought he really did put in an emotional performance with some fantastic scenes with Cooper. He goes for that emotional edge throughout the film and it really is good acting.

Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
I am now starting to feel that this is going down as an underrated performance. Grant is truly outstanding in the film and I would seriously love it if he could win the Oscar. Mainly because the performance is fantastic and he has truly embraced his first ever awards nominations over the awards season being an older actor and therefore being truly grateful for the success this has brought him.

Sam Rockwell, Vice
Now this performance is the one I am a little bit unsure how it has received a nomination in all honesty. Although the academy seem to totally love Rockwell. I just didn’t think his small role of George W. Bush was anything spectacular in Vice. But he has scraped in this year for a substandard role by his high standards. As I really do like a lot of his performances.

Who I want to win: Richard E. Grant (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)
Who I think will win: Mahershala Ali
Outside chance: Adam Driver

Who’s your favourite?

7 thoughts on “Oscars 2019 – Best Supporting Actor

  1. Agree with your points – all of them. Rockwell does nothing special in his role, certainly not award-worthy – and I also agree that Grant is absolutely terrific in his role – a scene-stealing performance for sure. Ali will probably win but a Grant upset would make me very happy as well!

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