Little Italy (2018) Review


Nikki and Leo grew up together where their families ran a pizza business together in “Little Italy” in Toronto. Having a good rivalry with one another. When Nikki returns home after five years away sparks fly as the young couple are reunited but their fathers have been in a feud for years . . .


I can remember when Twitter went into meltdown due to this films trailer and poster being released at one point last year. Obviously I had a keen interest in this film, a romantic comedy with pizza at the core. What would not be to love about that? This results in an extremely cheesy film (pun intended) but equally as enjoyable from start to finish.

I liked the start and the build up of the childhood friendship and how they would play soccer together as that brought it round nicely to when they meet in the bar when Nikki arrives home from London. Her plan was to return to Canada to get a new visa when she has a chance of her dream chef job. The night they spend in the pouring rain playing soccer again against each other was a really good scene. I think it helps to show that no matter how much time you spend away from an old friend when you are reunited things can be exactly the same no matter on your age.

The two families who had the super successful business together then opened a shop next door to one another so totally competing. Business has not been going well, Leo had wanted to add in new hipster pizza ideas into his father’s business but Vince thinks pizza should be pizza with no changes. This was then something he had in common with Nikki how she had been studying cooking and how things should change for the new crowd. I thought that was relevant to how food and what we see as fast food has changed and adapted over the years, in the UK we have a lot more ‘street food’ and different festivals with vans and stalls. I am assuming this has come from the US but it does link to this film and new ideas.

Sal and Vince who used to be like brothers never actually told anyone why they started fighting after winning an award for best pizza and that is something we have to wait and see what happens with that. Throwing in a few more twists and turns between the family it makes for an engaging enough story. We do get the romantic comedy clichés but I enjoyed that to be brutally honest. A total cheesy film that leaves you smiling at the end is something we need a lot more in my opinion!

Emma Roberts showing that following in her Aunties footsteps with a rom-com mixed with pizza still works 30 years later (Mystic Pizza for Julia Roberts incase you hadn’t heard of that one). I also found Hayden Christensen to be very charming throughout and the is a positive as I know he gets a lot of criticism for the different roles he takes on. Roberts and Christensen really were a believable couple and the chemistry was built up in a good manner.

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