BAFTA 2019 – Best Film


I am now hoping that this means it won’t win Best Picture at the Oscars . . . Not very often does the BAFTA winning film go on to win the Oscar.


4 thoughts on “BAFTA 2019 – Best Film

  1. As you know, I am NOT a fan of this film…I recently read an article where someone was defending it, saying it dealt with an important moment in Mexican history, “something you Americans wouldn’t understand.” OK, so why doesn’t the film HELP US DO THAT? If it’s made ONLY for Mexican viewers, then why am I supposed to applaud it – I would have loved to know about this supposed pivotal moment in history, as the film does NOTHING to explain it to the viewer.

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    • Wow a moment in Mexican history? Surely only the history it is actually for the memories of Cuarón? Hopefully though this means it doesn’t go on to win Best Picture, the BAFTA winner doesn’t have a good record . . .

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      • Apparently the scene in the department store takes place during a pivotal moment in heir country’s history – BUT, I was a bit put off by the film’s supporter saying we couldn’t understand that being from he US…again, my point is simple: there are many films that celebrate or illuminate important historical moments…but you have to let the audience know what it is! Don’t be condescending to me because I’m not aware of it, and that’s how that person connected other film made me feel with his comment

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