Erin Brockovich (2000) Review


Erin Brockovich is an unemployed single mother of three who is desperate to find a job and improve their lives. She has no luck and a failed lawsuit from a car accident she was in looks as though it is the end of the road. But from that she manages to get a job for Ed Masry at his law firm and finds herself involved in a huge legal case.


This film is very special to me as it is the film in which Julia Roberts won her Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role something which I believe was more than deserved. I have lost count the number of times I have enjoyed her performance and the film. It was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for Albert Finney, Best Director and Best Screenplay written for the screen. I was actually surprised that I had never actually reviewed the film before.

It is a truly inspirational story that Erin was never going to give up making something from her life. When she discovers that a power company is trying to quietly buy land that is contaminated and the residents who live near the plant all have major medical problems. This was due to improper dumping of the chemicals and positioned hundreds and hundreds of families. This would go to become one of the biggest ever class action lawsuits in American history. That is what makes this film so incredible the story it was based on.

Trying to balance the job which turns into such a huge case and looking after her young children is a tough task. As they aren’t old enough to fully understand that she is trying to help sick families and make their lives better as well as her own. I think the early scene in the diner when she doesn’t actually order anything for herself really helps to highlight the troubles they are in. It’s an inspiring story to show that you should never ever give up and keep battling to have a better life. It also shows that you do have to work hard as well though and it won’t just come easy for you.

The film has some terrific one liners from both Julia Roberts and Albert Finney. They make the most incredible and unlikely pair, I really wasn’t expecting that when I first saw the film. But it really does show that people can help support someone they didn’t really like to begin with. The friendship was unlikely and it certainly was a very good one. Add in Aaron Eckhart as George who gives a slight romantic element but also a caring father type figure for her children.

If you haven’t seen this film before I really do recommend it as it has so many things to offer. An emotional and heartwarming story, incredible performances and inspiring you to never give up and keep working hard. I think this is one of the best from Steven Soderbergh as well, he really does bring out the best from Julia Roberts.


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