Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Review


In a crazy future world where cyborgs are normal we meet Alita who was found and restored, yet could not remember her life. Taken in by Dr. Dyson Ido and given that name, different events spark memories as she attempts to put her past together.


I feel as though I went into this film with a very open mind as despite seeing the trailer many times I actually had no idea what it was about. Having now seen the film I am not overly confident that I could actually tell you what the film is about. Or what it tried to be about, at times I felt as though they had cut certain parts out and that meant it didn’t make a massive amount of sense or flow in the best manner which was a shame really.

But on the flip side of that I actually loved Alita in terms of the amazing female kick ass character. The way she could suddenly do things which was in her memory in terms of being able to fight and battle was good. The love story was a little bit forces with Hugo who just so happened to appear at the right time. There was a part in the film where I wish they had done it in a different way and I would have loved the character completely, but they had to make it too nice really which was a shame.

Along with that we had a crazy Motorball sport which was ran by Vector and Chiren (Ido’s ex-wife) and they would stop at nothing to make money. This could have been very interesting as well, but it did feel like parts had been cut out? I hope I am not the only one who thinks that, please let me know!

I cannot fault the cast though as they really do have a very strong core, with Christoph Waltz being very good (as usual) he is an actor who continues to impress me in the many different roles he takes on. I enjoyed seeing Mahershala Ali in a more bad guy role as the films I have seen so far he seems to be the good guy. Rosa Salazar was impressive in the leading role, considering it was CGI something that is always tricky when watching how to judge the performance when everything else is more life action rather than CGI or animated.

In the end I guess I am on the fence for this one, I found myself enjoying parts of it and other parts being a little bit confused. I am interesting to see what happens next, I am sure we will get the next part? So I guess it was a mixed bag, but at times it really did visually look fantastic. (I saw this film in 2D)


7 thoughts on “Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Review

  1. Thank you for your post! I’m curious about the Robert Rodriguez touch… does it feel like one of his crazy movies or did James Cameron influence the making of the movie enough to give it his own style?

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  2. Yeah, the narrative confused me as well – I felt as though we weren’t properly introduced to the world where the characters live in or to the characters themselves.
    Rodriguez had to condense Cameron’s 3 hour script but he didn’t quite manage it.

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    • That makes more sense if 3 hours was then trimmed down, we were trimmed down with facts and information. I wish someone would be brave and make 3 hour films again! (Hope Avengers does it 🤞🏻)

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