The Bucket List (2007) Review


Two terminally ill men from very different backgrounds work together on a bucket list they both add too. Edward Cole a corporate billionaire and working class mechanic Carter Chambers, a very unlikely friendship is created as the two men come to terms with dying.


I honestly don’t care what anyone says about this film, I totally love it. What’s not to love about Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman two truly outstanding actors taking to a comedy with some very real and emotional moments as the two cancer patients who go on to do some rather crazy things. Yes, skydiving is one of them!

I always forget about the more emotional moments and how they manage to repair relationships and really help each other out being able to understand what the other is feeling when having to accept that death is closer than they could ever imagine. Would you want to know more of a time scale? I don’t think I would in all honesty.

Something else that is always great to watch is Sean Hayes as Thomas, Edward’s assistant and having to play the straight role against the comedy. Especially when I cannot help but see him as Jack from Will & Grace and how good he is at comedy roles. Acting as the buffer for Nicholson to get out so many lines was very pleasing to see.

I was actually quite shocked that I had never reviewed this film before as I really have watched it so many times over the years, I’m guessing I thought I had already fished about it but that was not the case. It’s just over 90 minutes long which at times is perfect when you don’t have a huge amount of time to watch a film.

Edward had been married four times and was not very successful with his daughter. But managed to make a lot of money through working. On the other hand Carter had a wife who adored him and vice versa along with children a close family. The film kind of implies that you cannot have both worlds which I guess is a little bit sad but we all do have to make sacrifices every single day when it comes to decisions and life.

I would even argue that this film is a lot deeper than it is given credit for and manages to be very thought-provoking in terms of life and death. Surely that is something that should be celebrated in film. Managing to mix emotional moments with comedy and funny things is often how we get through the days!

Therefore I am very happy to confirm that I really do still love this film and it has moments of pure joy that make me very happy to watch it, working through a bucket list or goal list that you want to do. I guess you can set them up at different stages in your life, giving you something to aim for and want to achieve. I certainly don’t see anything wrong with that!

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