Second Act (2018) Review


Maya works is a big box store and has worked her way up to assistant manager in the fifteen years she has been at the company. That is as far as she will get, but when her godson sets up a fake resume she is offered a job in Manhattan and could really change things without having that college degree!


Maya seems to have a good relationship with her boyfriend of five years Trey, but she is keeping a secret from him and that is something that is really driving them apart as he wants a family and she is reluctant to that. Her best friend Joan is always there and when her son Dilly sets up this new online profile and has created the documents that back up that she was at Harvard it begins to drive these relationships away.

That wasn’t something Maya had been attempting to do it just happened with this new opportunity. You always knew it was never going to last though and at some point someone would find out something. I will admit that I wasn’t expecting the twist and who Zoe really was. It just all seemed a little bit too much and too strange in the way they then act towards each other.

Everything just seemed too forced and extremely unrealistic. Yes, I know it is a film and it doesn’t have to be totally real. But in terms of trying to appear to be something that could happen I just felt the job change as one story could have been ok, but her secret and how that worked out in top of that linked in with the job. I didn’t really fall for that.

I guess it was watchable enough though with Jennifer Lopez doing well to lead the film with Vanessa Huygens and Leah Remini providing good support. I just don’t feel that they make this type of film in the way they used to and they are just that little bit poorer now than they used to be years ago. Or maybe I just expect a little bit too much?

Going by the cinema screen others seemed to be enjoying it and laughing out loud at different moments. So I guess it will find an audience, I am just not one of those people. I find that to be ok, as I respect that it will be good to so many people, not the worst in this genre but nothing special either. I guess I can end with the conclusion that it is just totally average.

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