The Upside (2017) Review


Ex-con Dell Scott is struggling to find a job with his record and everything changes when by chance he ends up interviewing for a job for Phillip Lacasse who is a quadriplegic. The difference in backgrounds creates a new lease of life for both men.


This film has the perfect mixture of serious moments and laughter, it turned out this was the type of film I needed to watch right now. Everything is getting rather heavy during awards season and the comic relief in this really is perfect timing. I failed to realise that it was a remake or rip off of French film Intouchables, which slightly disappointed me later. But that doesn’t take away any of my enjoyment from the story.

You cannot help but feel sorry for Dell as it does come across that he wants to make a good life for his son Anthony and that he doesn’t make the same mistakes as he did in the past. Being a better father than his own had been, not letting his son end up in prison and struggling to survive. Phillip did not like any of the more qualified people who were applying to be his carer and it also annoyed Yvonne his business manager. She informs Dell he will only have three strikes and then he is out, but eventually he manages to win her over as well.

Phillip has pretty much given up on living due to being paralysed from the neck down, he is extremely rich though and this is something Dell cannot understand. Both men learn so much from one another and a friendship blossoms from an unlikely place. I like the idea that certain people come into your life when you really need them the most. Thinking like that gives hope and that is what we all could do with a little bit more of.

I felt Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston were both perfectly cast and bounce off each other in the best way possible. I throughly enjoyed seeing everything unfold between them and I really did find myself laughing out loud at times. Laughing at moments that probably shouldn’t be funny. But if you ended up in those situations I am sure you would also want nothing more than to laugh at times as well. Taking a truly awkward and uncomfortable situation and turning it into a funny moment instead.

The film has had a little bit of backlash about Cranston taking on the role of a disabled person and I feel I have to state in this review that it is totally stupid going into that type of thing. Surely an actor’s job is to play all different parts no matter on the disability or type of character, isn’t that the point in films and acting? I certainly think so and felt the abuse was receiving was not deserved at all. He is outstanding in the film and that is something that I really loved and enjoyed about it. Impressed with Kevin Hart as well!

4 thoughts on “The Upside (2017) Review

  1. Saw the French version in October 2012 and loved it, one of my favourites of 2012 – can’t believe it’s over 6 years ago. Glad you enjoyed the new version – anything with Bryan Cranston is always going to be a good watch. The backlash against him is totally unjustified – the same thing happened to Daniel Day Lewis when he appeared in My Left Foot (1989)

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