The Favourite leads the way with 10 nominations but is it the favourite to win?

The Favourite along with Roma have both been nominated for 10 Oscars which is the most for 2019. This year feels a little bit strange though when it comes to awards season and I don’t particularly have a film that I am backing all the way in terms of totally loving it. Unlike previous years, so I guess it makes this year a little bit more interesting in terms of who could win on the night. It feels a little bit more open!


A couple of surprise omissions happened though with Timothee Chalamet overlooked for his incredible performance in Beautiful Boy and not forgetting that, Bradley Cooper didn’t get a nomination as Best Director which therefore leaves Cuaron as the biggest lock of the entire ceremony in the Best Director category.

I really enjoyed The Favourite and wouldn’t be disappointed if it picks up quite a few awards on the night. Although I am totally rooting for Glenn Close after her truly amazing performance in The Wife and I feel she is my biggest standout this year as it took things to a totally new level.

f14219ee-af68-4fb3-b26a-5ebf49ebf3feThe only problem with The Wife is not many people seem to have seen it and everyone seems to be rooting for Lady Gaga to win for A Star is Born. But then we have Olivia Colman and it is all just so close and hard to call!

In terms of best actor Bradley Cooper might have been snubbed for his directing but he has a nomination in a leading role. Rami Malek has been picking up a lot of other awards for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. I would personally love Viggo Mortensen to win, but I think he is a total long shot which is a shame as Green Book is such a lovely film!

Then for the supporting roles I would honestly love Richard E. Grant to win for Can You Ever Forgive Me? Mainly so we could see quite possibly the greatest speech of all time and how genuinely happy he would be! Also he is outstanding in the film as well. I really wouldn’t even like to call the actress in a supporting role either its all just so tough this year! Obviously I am a huge Emma Stone fan but was equally impressed with Rachel Weisz.

Surely an open year at the Oscars is better than the previous years where it was always obvious who was going to win, especially in the supporting roles!

What are your thoughts on the favourites to win at the 2019 Oscars? 

7 thoughts on “The Favourite leads the way with 10 nominations but is it the favourite to win?

  1. Great insight – nice job. The nominations indeed had a few surprises, but I will be very surprised if “Roma” or “The Favourite” win Best Picture, and here’s why: Hollywood has been struggling to get more popular films nominated, which led to that short-lived disastrous decision to make a “most popular” category – but three of the nominated films this year were hugely popular, and it seems that a “broader” film will win – and word is that Academy members really enjoy “Green Book” – and remember when “Argo” won Best Picture but Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated for “Best Director?” Well, we could see that kind of split again, since neither the “Green Book” Director OR Bradley Cooper were nominated!

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  2. Yesterday I went to the cinema and saw The favourite. If that’s the best that 2018 offered in terms of cinema, at least according to the number of Oscar nominations, then 2018 was terrible! Seriously, it’s a nice period drama, but I think I’ll forget it quickly enough…


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