Blue Juice (1995) Review


JC is obsessed with surfing and this has led to him neglecting his girlfriend Chloe, who wants nothing more than to settle down with him. When they are meant to spend some much-needed time together his friends show up from London and he goes out surfing instead, will that be the end of the relationship?


This film is totally one of my guilty pleasures, being a huge Catherine Zeta Jones fan I actually have it on DVD as well when I was catching up many years ago now with her older work. So I have a total soft spot for this film, which has a rather good British cast in all honesty. If you decided to watch it now you would certainly recognise many of the cast members including Ewan McGregor!

Set in Cornwall in a small coastal town everything about the place revolves around surfing and JC is somewhat a legend around this area. His friends who show up are Dean, a waster who deals drugs and gets himself into plenty of trouble. Josh, a very successful music producer who focuses on Techno music. Then finally Terry who is freaking out a little bit about getting married soon. Now they are all about to turn 30 they are having some breakdowns in different ways.

Chloe and JC have a plan to travel the world and leave their current life behind. But when JC lets her down again she decides that she actually wants to buy the cafe they have been working at and have it as her own. It does actually seem like a good relationship at the core and the use of Jeepster by T. Rex certainly makes for some very good scenes. I feel though that watching this again now having turned 30 myself you can understand the trauma and panic that each character is going through. It really is the biggest milestone in terms of assessing what you have accomplished or what you don’t actually have. You cannot help but compare to your friends and I feel this film helps to highlight just that.

Sean Pertwee is engaging enough in the leading role and carries the film well as JC. I thought he had a good presence and the chemistry with Catherine Zeta Jones was very good. This was one of her very early films and watching it now you could easily understand how she made it to the very top and won an Oscar as well! Ewan McGregor is more of a supporting role but again it is a very impressive performance and a good starting point in film terms. I have also seen Peter Gunn and Steven Mackintosh in a few things over the years as well, Gunn currently being in British soap Coronation Street!

The film does have some good 90s vibes as well something that we should really embrace now as things are so different. We do get one glimpse of a mobile phone which we are told is very expernsive to make calls on and only one character has one! Another small throwback to simpler times, I enjoyed revisiting this film a full one guilty pleasure. Very curious to know if anyone else has ever seen it?

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