Glass (2019) Review


David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to try to track down the man who keeps abducting teenage girls, that man being Kevin Wendell Crumb. But when the Beast appears both men are taken to a psychiatric hospital.


From Unbreakable to Split this became the unlikely trilogy from M. Night Shyamalan. Which is a very interesting look at superheroes and humans having a lot more ability than we actually realise.

When David and Kevin are placed in the hospital Dr. Ellie Staple claims she works with people who believe they are superheroes and is working to stop those thoughts and get them to admit they don’t have any special abilities. We all know that isn’t true though and in this hospital is Elijah Price or Mr. Glass as he wants to be known. Everything he has done as the mastermind led to this point. The three of them being together.

David Dunn had survived a train crash 19 years earlier and since then had been standing up for those who could not fight for themselves. This left him wanted by the police for his vigilante behaviour. Something that we could not help but admire, the rise of social media and the internet means photos of him in a dark poncho led to many different nicknames. Working with his son Joseph they appear to just have a security shop but they do a lot more than that.

Kevin or one of his twenty-four personalities had abducted four cheerleaders and was awaiting the beast to appear for them. This is similar to what happened in Split but this time Dunn is attempting to find him. I will admit that I found myself engrossed in this film and thought the twist was fantastic, especially with how we were teased with it seeing Joseph work it out with the help of Google but not being told at that point. It certainly made for a dramatic conclusion. Not ending the way I expected but I think that made it even better and more hard-hitting in all honesty.

Performance wise Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson were back to their very best and a joy to watch from start to finish. I could seriously listen to Jackson all day long and not get bored he has such an amazing voice. This was the best I have seen Willis in a long time as well. I have to say though that James McAvoy is a scene stealer due to the number of characters he has to change between, it is a truly outstanding performance and feel he was on another level in this even in comparison to split, the change of personalities was a lot quicker in this film. I also felt Sarah Paulson offered a very good doctor character as well, managing to control the three powerful men.

I don’t feel disappointed with this film as I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and I was engaged and constantly wondering what was going to happen next considering it really could have been anything!

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