The Last Laugh (2019) Review


Al Hart a retired talent manager is reunited with his first client Buddy Green when they are both in the same retirement community. Buddy gave up show business 50 years earlier and was a pretty good comic. The pair decide to try again and start a comedy tour across the country.


This film certainly isn’t perfect but it does have some amusing moments mixing it with a nice story. Who doesn’t like to think that you can still have a great time and do something in life no matter what age you are? I think everyone wants to believe that in all honesty. Officially this is the first film with a proper 2019 release that I have seen, so I think it shows that Netflix will be continuing with the original films and we will have plenty over the next year.

Buddy Green takes to the stage again and how will audiences actually react to an old man doing comedy? Well, that depends how good he actually is and how he can manage the hecklers. It turns out that it all works out so much better than they could have thought. Along with that we are given a love story for Al with Doris and that is another nice thing in the film.

Are the men being totally honest with each other in terms of health? That is something that they really must work out as well. We are given some hard-hitting news to go along with the rest of the film. As I mentioned earlier it is not the most perfect film but it is watchable and something you can enjoy.

Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss work so well together and they make it good to watch. Bouncing off each other in the best possible ways to create the comedy at a good level. Adding in Andie MacDowell as the female character and she fits in very well. A good collective effort to create an amusing film with a heart.

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