Stan & Ollie (2018) Review


Based on the true story of Laurel and Hardy’s tour of the UK and Ireland, a truly outstanding and very famous comedy duo attempting to reignite their film career touring the theatres. Not going to plan when the ticket sales are a lot lower than they expected.


I firstly have to admit that I have never actually seen any Laurel and Hardy films. I know that is terrible and after watching this I really do feel that I need to catch up and watch some fo them as soon as possible really. I therefore went into the film totally blind in terms of knowing about these two actors.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy worked together for years and were very successful. But everything went a little bit wrong when Stan wanted a better deal which did not come off and Oliver with his money problems couldn’t just leave that studio. From that small story we are then sent 16 years later as they arrive in a very rainy England, Newcastle of all places which I personally thought was a great start.

I found the film to be very emotional with the quick back story and really focusing on what happens when the fame goes away. It showed that they just really loved performing and making people smile, laugh and in general be very happy. I think that is something we don’t do enough now, laugh and have fun! That certainly is what Stan and Ollie did and I personally would have loved to have be able to see them live. It looked like such fantastic theatre as we all need to laugh.

Throw in Ida and Lucille as their wives who joined them on the UK tour. Although before they arrived the men worked very hard doing all different kinds of publicity to help with ticket sales which for some reason were on the low side all across the country, baring in mind they weren’t even booked in the biggest theatres in a lot of places.

Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly were both truly outstanding and I can honestly understand why they are being nominated for awards. They really did work so fantastically together and since seeing the film and doing a little bit more research about the men they really did nail the looks and movement of the famous pair. I think this film helps to show how Coogan and C. Reilly have both been Oscar nominated in the past and it will be interesting to see if either of them get recognition for this film, as it seems to be either or at other awards! I thought they were a joy to watch!


Thinking of this as just a biopic film I throughly enjoyed it, even with the sad and upsetting moments we also get it mixed in with the laughter and nice moments. Which I thought was the perfect balance for a cinema released film. We don’t get very many generally nice films which you can enjoy from start to finish like this one. So I am now going to find and watch as many Laurel and Hardy films as I possibly can!

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