7 Films That Surprised Me in 2018

Some films you manage to see without much build up or expectation and you end up very surprised. I guess this is how we manage to find hidden gems and one of the main reasons to keep your options open and give different genres a chance.


It was quite tough to put my list down to only seven films but here are the final ones . . .

Unsane (Review)
Claire Foy was utterly fantastic in this film which was mind bending at times and had you wondering and guessing throughout. This film was done on an iPhone as well which really did add to the way you got to see everything and wondering who exactly was the crazy person.

Patrick (Review)image
A film with a dog at its very core is not my usual choice, but I was very pleased to give this small British comedy a chance as it was very well put together in terms of a nice storyline and some lovely messages to go along with that when dealing with loss and heartbreak. A very unexpected nice film which I think was very under-watched.

The House With A Clock In Its Walls (Review)
I seem to give anything a try with Jack Black which at times has not worked out very well but I ended up enjoying this one so much. The added bonus of the incredible Cate Blanchett probably helped though!

The Hate U Give (Review)
I saw this as a secret screening and hadn’t heard anything about the film prior to that which certainly made for a nice surprise with a powerful film with some very important messages in it.

The Spy Who Dumped Me (Review)
A comedy about someone being a Spy always seems to work and this one followed a similar formula to what we have seen before and still totally managed to work in my opinion, I wasn’t really expecting it too so a nice surprise.

Game Night (Review)
This was not the film I expected at all, what you think is going to be about a simple Game Night and a comedy has a lot more layers than that when the game goes terribly wrong and in a different direction. But that makes for a film that did have plenty to laugh about as well.

The Meg (Review)
Jason Statham and a truly massive shark? It was so much better than you could ever expect. A lot more fun to be had than I really could have imagined to be totally honest! It certainly had some crazy CGI but surely we all love to switch off and just watch something fun and crazy at times?

Which films surprised you the most in 2018?


7 thoughts on “7 Films That Surprised Me in 2018

  1. Game Night is one of my favorite films of 2018. It’s a great comedy that is clever and uses the strengths of its cast well. Unfortunately, that’s the only one from you list I’ve seen. 😦

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