Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With in 2018

Throughout 2018 I managed to catch up with 48 older films and have decided to put together a top 10 list out of those films. You will be probably be quite surprised that some of these films I did not see until recently as some quality films. Always good to set yourself a challenge to catch up. I am happy that I managed to get 48 first time watches of films that does not include new cinema releases. With the films I have chosen for my top 10 list I pretty much was left wondering why I had never seen the film before!

Here are the 10 films that have made my list (in no particular order) . . .

Monster (2003) Review
F5AFA3BF-C3F7-425A-8C82-EBCB41F902B6Some films are all about the leads performance and that is one of them with the unrecognisable Charlize Theron showing that if you want to win an Oscar you have to go ugly. Ok, not just that but it certainly doesn’t seem to help as she actually is outstanding in this film about the serial killer. She drives the film forward and you are hooked to everything she is doing. A must see for her performance I have to say that!

Fargo (1996) Review
This was more of a catch up to say that I had seen it. I am pretty sure this is a film that I had tried to watch a few times on different occasions. I was very underwhelmed by it to be brutally honest but I think that happens when you hear so much about one film. But hey I have now seen it and not a big fan or really get why it is so huge.

American Pyscho (2000) Review
I am a huge Christian Bale fan and something I truly love about his career is that he has never been scared to take on different roles. This was no different and totally takes everything to a different level. Something I was not really expecting was to be taken in with this film.

Halloween (1978) Review
I drifted into the horror genre a lot this year catching up with all of the first films in the different franchises. I felt I had to watch this one in order to see the newest at the cinema and I am so pleased I did. Totally love what Jamie Lee Curtis did in this one and can now fully understand why everyone holds her in such high regard.

Psycho (1960) Review
Yes, really first time watching this film. Something that had put me off over the years was a knew the twist ending and I thought that would spoil the film. It did’t though as the film has so much in the build up and Hitchcock showing off why he is the master of suspense.

Zombieland (2009) Review
I never really fancied this comedy zombie film and how stupid I was to think that, its hilarious from start to finish and we get Bill Murray as himself dressed as a zombie, if that isn’t a great reason to watch a film then I really don’t know what is?

True Romance (1993) Review
Tony Scott directing and Tarantino writing this was always going to be a crazy yet amazing film and that is exactly what we get with it.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1993) Review
The only reason I ended up catching up with this one was due to seeing the play in London at the start of 2018. So pleased I did as the film is an acting powerhouse of a film, dialogue heavy and brilliant at the same time. Always be closing . . .

Moonstruck (1987) Review
Why on earth did I decide that I should not watch this film was it because of the stigma surrounding Nicolas Cage now? Plus come on Cher is so good at acting as well. Eventually watched this and totally loved everything about it.

Chariots of Fire (1981) Review
A truly outstanding film about athletes looking to qualify for the 1924 Olympics. Some truly fantastic scenes when they were training a Best Picture winning film that really does have everything going for it!

What classic or well-loved films did you catch up with during 2018?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With in 2018

  1. To be honest, it took a couple viewings of Fargo for me to get it, but it definitely grew on me, and now I think its pretty brilliant.

    I’m glad you liked Halloween, its head and shoulders above most of the other horror films that would come in the years following.

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    • From that Ian I think I will give Fargo another go at some point. I kinda felt that way about Pulp Fiction but now love and appreciate it.

      Yeah, I then went on to watch Friday 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street so could see where a lot of the ideas came from.

      Also fun and/or creepy Halloween moment happened when I was running in the New York Marathon. Someone was just stood on the side of the road dressed as Michael Myers facing the way the runners were coming. I was falling about laughing!


      • Both remind you of his excellent talent. It’s weird, I think both the likes of him and Bruce Willis just enjoy acting really, despite being in pretty poor films generally. They get a lot of crap for just doing their own jobs, I don’t know why people get so obsessed with bringing people down.

        In recent years, The Frozen Ground, with John Cusack, is pretty decent as well.

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