Walk the Line (2005) Review


An intimate look at the life of country music legend Johnny Cash, from his childhood on a cotton farm and his hostile relationship with his father. His rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, meeting June Carter and the famous recording with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.


I have been a huge fan of this film since its release back in 2006 in the UK and it opened me up to listening to the amazing music from Johnny Cash, as well as learning about his life and appreciating the fantastic performances in this film. It was fantastic to be able to watch it again for the first time in years. Something I have found out is that I appreciate it even more now. It probably helps that last year I went to see Million Dollar Quartet which is a musical show based around the recording between Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

Something I adore about this film though is the love story between Johnny and June Carter at its very core. While they might not have ended up together in the best circumstances and hurting people along the way. I think it just showed that it was one of those things they just couldn’t help. They were meant to be together and nothing was going to stop that, call it fate if you will. He had his problems with drink and drugs which was highlighted in this film and shown how he eventually managed to deal with it better.

The songs are placed in the best possible way in this music biopic, a genre I really do enjoy. The mixture of the music within the story is always good to watch. Not as in your face and break out into song as we get with the full on musical genre, a little bit more low key. Which I think is why this type of film always seem to be well received whilst also doing well at the box office on the cinematic release.

Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for her performance as June Carter and it was rightly deserved in my opinion she is outstanding in this film. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for his performance as Johnny Cash which he totally deserved as well they were both very good together and created a truly incredible film based on two very well-loved country stars. Both of them passed away two years before the film was released, Johnny dying only four months after June, which we are told at the end of the film.

I seriously could easily watch this film over and over again which I am actually sure I did when I first saw the film, I certainly have the film soundtrack as well. The film did well at the Golden Globes picking up Best picture, actress and actor for the comedy or musical section! If you have somehow failed to catch this film I really do recommend it very highly. Get to know the legend that is Johnny Cash even more.

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