Top 10 – Worst Films of 2018

Each year I find this list harder to put together considering I feel I make better choices when it comes to which films that I find myself watching. But obviously you are still going to come across some pretty awful films. I would just like to put a reminder on that this is obviously just my opinion! (You can check which films I saw at the cinema during 2018 here and 2018 films tagged here).  This all done by UK release date as well!

Here are the films that made it onto my top 10 worst of 2018 list . . .

10. Mary Magdalene (Review)
This is probably the closest I have ever come to just leaving the cinema during a film, everything about this film was slow and boring. Including the emotionless performances which made it feel even longer.

9. Red Sparrow (Review)
I just totally disliked everything about this film, the shocking way of saying sex is the way to manipulate anyone and everyone to the disturbing scenes in “training” then the way the accents drifted in and out of the film. Either do the accents or don’t bother!

8. The Happytime Murders (Review)
We can all accept that Melissa McCarthy is very hit or miss. This one was a very big miss, in with some crazy muppets in a crime world just does not work at all. Not even a little bit.

7. Brad’s Status (Review)
When his son is choosing a college Brad reflects on his life . . . Showing that things were pretty dull as he tries to compete with his own college friends. A film a felt was trying to be relevant but was a total snooze fest!

6. A Wrinkle in Time (Review)
I still have no idea at all what this film was supposed to be about and what the point of it was? If anyone would care to explain that would be fantastic!

5. Ghost Stories (Review)
It’s never a good thing when horror films are given the scariest film in years in promos. It is not going to live up to that expectation at all, this jumped between the ghost stories blurring reality and it just created a big boring mess.

4. Set It Up (Review)
Netflix has given us some very impressive original films this year, Set It Up is not one of them. Totally falling into the terrible rom-com genre of being so predictable you might as well turn it off after five minutes. To make this one even worse the storyline was very poor and well not very nice at all.

3. The Little Stranger (Review)
Domhnall Gleeson don’t worry I still love you! Everyone makes mistakes with roles, and hopefully this is his one and only mistake. The film moved at a remarkably slow pace that months later I am still waiting for something to happen. It tried to be creepy but failed with how bored you ended up being. A terrible ending as well which did not help.

2. Downsizing (Review)
This film was well disappointing and I almost forgot about it, luckily I was reminded about it on Twitter as it more than deserves to be in worst film lists. From the trailers the concept looked interesting but the actual reality of the film was terrible.

1. The Festival (Review)
I will openly admit that I was probably not in the target audience for this film, but thought well  it might be funny. Oh I was very wrong, it was not funny. It was awful from start to finish and it also confirmed why I have never ever been to a music festival.

What were the worst films you watched in 2018?

16 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2018

    • Brad’s Status seemed to go down really well, maybe I just wasn’t in the best frame of mind watching it?

      Ahh Escape Plan 2, I saw that on Netflix last night . . . the first one is a huge guilty pleasure of mine!

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  1. Boy, there sure were some stinkers this year! There were a number of films in the vein of “Brad’s Status” – designed to give a “star” a chance to show acting range, but always by making us sit through an angst-ridden story of self-absorption!

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  2. A good (bad) list. I match with you in having Downsizing (a Payne film that looked so promising from the trailer) and the hideous Happytime Murders. I would add to the role of shame Breaking In, The Commuter, Book Club, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Oceans 8, Slaughterhouse Rulez, and Skyscraper (not because it was TERRIBLE but because it was far too reminiscent of the horrors of Grenfell). But my outright One Mann’s Movies turkey of the year was “The Con is On” (aka “The Brits are Coming”): truly horrendous.

    On a more positive not, my Films of the Year video is here – – starting with a montage of all the films I saw in 2018 (man… I am a frustrated film editor at heart!).

    Have a Happy New Year Caz, and thanks for all your great posts during the year.

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  3. Huzzah, I saw none of those! 🙂 Think the worst films I saw this – urm, no *last* – year were Darkest Minds and The Death Cure. Happy New Year, Caz – here’s to many good films in 2019 (and a few turkeys to rant about ;)) 🙂

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    • Happy New Year! Big year this one as it’s my 10th anniversary of blogging in feb!

      I missed Death Cure … tried to catch up when it came on tv but in all honesty I can’t even remember what happened in the last film.

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