The Miracle Season (2018) Review


When Caroline “Line” Found star volleyball player from a High School team is killed in a moped accident everyone on the team, in the community and around the school must deal with the loss. Coach Kathy Bresnahan still holds practice and approaches her best friend Kelley to take over where the captain had left off.


I had never heard about this tragic incident before but it only happened in 2011, I think when it got to the end of the film that made it all even more sad. Caroline Found was a much-loved volleyball player and was having to deal with her mother slowly dying of cancer which certainly put so much train for her father Ernie Found. Especially after the tragic incident his wife did not put up much more of a fight.

The team we’re going for another championship win and the fierce rivalry with City High. Something with that shows that respect in sport really does exist and that is evident in the manner the other school acts after Line’s death. That is something  I have always loved about sports, taking part, coaching and working full-time in sport. But not everyone has that level of respect for others. It was great to see it in this film though with a rather tough and hard-hitting story.

I thought it was fantastic to see Helen Hunt as the coach Kathy Bresnahan, she really was great in the role. A what seems like a tough coach who was actual soft when it really mattered. Pushing the players when they really needed it most, the easy option would have been to just stop playing but that is certainly not what Caroline would have wanted. She loved Volleyball and she would have wanted her team to keep going. They then dedicated each game to her memory and that created a totally different a new team. Not forgetting the lovely use of Sweet Caroline, a song I totally love because my name is Caroline!

I don’t really remember the last film I saw Helen Hunt in but this was a very interesting role for her to take on. While the film overall does not have a huge amount of substance which is probably why I had never even heard of it until I stumbled on it via Netflix. But I guess that didn’t really matter as I have now seen it. I also thought Erin Moriarty was impressive in what became the more leading role, and it will be interesting to see what she does next as she showed some good potential in this film.

I think it is the first film I have seen about volleyball in all honesty and films can certainly have a positive impact for different sports. But it does make you wonder that in US High Schools all sports teams are ran in exactly the same way or is that just the film formula coming out? Any US-based people who read this if you can comment and let me know exactly how the sports are ran I would really appreciate that!

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