Jack Frost (1998) Review


Jack Frost is a man who was chasing his rock star dream that he neglected his son and wife. But when he dies in a car accident a year later he returns as a snowman and one last chance to put things right with his son.


Yes really he comes back as a snowman that Charlie builds and then the relationship between the pair is rebuilt as they get to say a proper goodbye. Charlie was struggling with being bullied and trying to improve in ice hockey. His teams are not the best and his dad never gave up the time to help coach him with pointers. This was something Charlie had wanted to use to get closer to him and learn some new moves from him which would certainly help improve his performances for the team.

Can I admit that I have a soft spot for this film even though it is a bad one? I’m personally going to blame Michael Keaton for this as my love for him is too strong. I’m also going to blame the fact that my 11-year-old self watching this would have thought it was pretty cool that his dad was a snowman? Yes, I know a terrible thing to admit but if I watch it again I cannot help but think about that.

I guess we could even claim the film has a deeper meaning and it is not really his Dad and he is just talking to it and moving it around to make himself feel slighter better about the loss? I guess that is a possibility but let’s not pretend it can be very deep as it’s not supposed to be at all. Or is it?

I am very curious to how people view this film and if they actually like it or not? I mean we all appreciate Michael Keaton right? Well, I certainly hope that part is true if nothing else. On the flip side we don’t really get to see him very much just having his voice mainly as the snowman. We do get a Ghost crossover at the end for the nice cheesy part! Something makes me watch this around Christmas every year though and I cannot really say that I understand why? Must be one of my guilty pleasures!

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