Bird Box (2018) Review


When a deadly event happens and anyone who looks at the unseen presence is driven instantly mad and commits suicide to get away from it. Pregnant Malorie is doing everything possible to stay alive and survive.


The events in the film are separated by five years as we see Malorie and the children getting in a boat. The rest is told in flashback form and we have three key events which all lead to the boat. The film manages to keep a very tense feel from start to finish and really does have you on edge when you are watching it. A mysterious force or creatures are doing something when people look at them, is it airborne? Is it only when you step outside? Can it affect everyone?

Those were some of the questions Malorie and the people she ends up in a house with, they all managed to avoid when loved ones brutally killed themselves after stepping outside and well-looking. But what did they look at? What was the last thing they saw? What made them want to instantly kill themselves? Their eyes would turn funny and have some black in them, most of the people would start to cry before taking their own life.

This made it a very powerful concept as no one was save and no place was really safe. Malorie wasn’t the only pregnant woman who ended up in the house Olympia managed to find them when she had run out of food. Tom is a very nice man and gets on well with Malorie. Douglas is a cynical old man and does not want to let anyone else in the house and blames Malorie for the death of his wife. Charlie has a theory about what is attacking the world and that I guess is mainly for the viewers so we have an idea of what is going on. Everything takes a turn for the worst when Gary turns up, but a nice little twist in all honesty even if it was rather obvious. He was working in a mental institute and the people in it were not affected by the creatures and they actually liked looking at them and feeling more alive.

The birth of the babies happened at pretty much the same time so the boy and girl were brought up together by Malorie. Who in all honesty was horrible to them constantly, I actually hated that about her character. I didn’t even care that she was doing it to help them survive but it gave them a horrible life! Seriously though the part in the boat where one of them was going to have to look? I was ready to breakdown at that point as it played with your emotions so much. Tom helped raised the children as well, they were a very strange family yet they had each other to survive. Would the river quest actually lead anywhere or was it all just a trap? Well, you will have to watch the film to find that out!

By no means the best film in the world but it certainly provided some interesting entertainment which was difficult to watch and thought-provoking in terms of how hard you would battle to stay alive even if it meant the worst existence. Sandra Bullock was decent in the leading role, carrying the film and spent a lot of the time blindfolded. I felt as though Trevante Rhodes was the standout performer though but that could be because his character was the most likeable. Tom Hollander was a total scene stealer something I have noticed about him recently in which ever type of film he appears in!

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