Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Review


Miles Morales becomes a second Spider-Man in his reality along with Peter Parker, but when Kingpin is trying to merge some realities he is about to meet his counterparts from other dimensions. They must work together to save all of their realities.


This film is groundbreaking in terms of the level of animation and really does feel as though it is a live comic book, it looks like a comic book and keeps some of the comic book titles at times. I really would say it looks as though it was all brought to life through the animation, it really was great to watch. I even went to see it in 3D and feel it is the best film I have ever seen in that format! Everything about it just looked so slick, without the usual gimmicks to make people jump and move about. It was used in a manner of making the viewer feel they were inside the comic book.

We are about to have our Spider-Man knowledge tested in this film as so many of the villains appear at some point worked into the interesting story in many different and clever ways. Our hero in this film is not really Peter Parker though, although we do get two different versions of him. We have a new hero in Miles Morales who one night gets bitten by a spider and eventually with the help of some comic books realises he is the same as Spider-Man. When he attempts to find him in order to be trained he is fighting the Green Goblin and Kingpin, which ends in disaster for Miles and this New York when Peter Parker is killed! The events which follow open up the doors to other dimensions and this brings together many different Spider-people (or animals) who must become a super-spider group to help save the world from Kingpin.

Can we talk about how absolutely hilarious and ridiculous Kingpin looks and I could not help but smirk every time he was on the screen. I am sure it was meant to be done in that crazy manner and it certainly kept me amused from start to finish!

For Miles his life was becoming pretty tough as he had just started a new school and his relationship with his father was going through a difficult time. He got on better with his Uncle Aaron but when he really needed him he wasn’t around. Although the twist in that part was very good! I liked how the different versions of Spider-Man came together so easily as let’s face it they all understood each other so much. This helps Miles on his journey to being able to release his powers and being able to use them in the best possible way.

So the slick animation, amusing moments and the emotional journey we are taken on really do make this film a truly fantastic Spider-Man outing. Not forgetting to mention the amazing Stan Lee “cameo” with some very wise words and with his recent passing I found it to be even more poignant!

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