Aquaman (2018) Review


The origin story of Arthur and his journey to Atlantis and the life he had been hiding from, being the heir to the throne. Having to come up against his half-brother and keeping both of his identities with the land and sea intact.


I really liked and enjoyed the way they decided to put in his story of growing up, having it as flashbacks with different events which triggered the memories. The opening of the film finding out about his mother and fathers relationship which was pretty important really to show that he came about from both worlds due to a forbidden love. His mother Atlanna pretty much sacrificed herself to ensure Arthur and Tom would survive and be safe.

Vulko had been training Arthur over the years and trying to get him used to his sea world as well as living on land. Ensuring that he could use all of his special gifts because he was crossed species. We also get a little bit of background of the kingdoms of the sea and the Kings who rule them and that you could become Master of the Sea. Something King Orm is planning to do, unless of course Arthur can stop him.

I guess at times the plot does seem a little bit too much when having to try to remember the different kingdoms but I guess it was essential to build up the sea world. Mera wants Arthur to come and save the people of Atlantis, but he is not interested until something happens on the land and he realises that he will not be able to fight alone.

I am a big fan of Jason Momoa and think he is the perfect choice for Arthur/Aquaman and he carries the film in a very good manner. Given some amusing lines as well as being serious at times, but not too many it is balanced out very well in my opinion. Amber Heard was good as Mera, they both had good chemistry with one another and that was something I was not really expecting.

We all know how tough going the DC universe has been so far and I thought this was a much better film on the whole. It had a little bit of everything. At times some parts looked a little bit funny, just because they were underwater and the whole swimming/floating look took a little bit of time to get used it. I guess that was the toughest thing to get right for the film without it getting extremely strange.

Overall, I can say that I enjoyed this film as it had interesting characters and a decent storyline and puts Aquaman on par with Wonder Woman in terms of individual films. Just don’t try to fit it in with anything else from DC so far really as its best not to try and work out the timeline (if they really have one) as I’m not really sure where this would fit with Justice League?

But lets not take away anything from Jason Momoa and the rest of the cast. I feel like I must mention Willem Dafoe who was as brilliant as ever! Along with Nicole Kidman, who has come along way since Batman Forever! Patrick Wilson possibly the weakest link for me, terrible bad guy? The film though terribly entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Aquaman (2018) Review

    • Yeah its very minimal, I’m not really sure where this is supposed to fit in. I think it is on par with Wonder Woman in terms of the character building (from DC anyway as they haven’t been fantastic).


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