Musical Moments – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Neptune’s Daughter)

I’ve decided to go with some controversy for this weeks musical moment. You may have heard last week that radio stations were banning Baby, It’s Cold Outside from its playlists this Christmas. I personally think it’s crazy to change the meaning of older songs!

The song is Oscar winning and was in a film called Neptune’s Daughter in 1949!

What are your thoughts on this one?

8 thoughts on “Musical Moments – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Neptune’s Daughter)

  1. I think the time when the song was written and also the history of how it was written count. At the time there a woman had to keep a certain sense of decorum and pretend she didn’t want to stay even if she did. So, there is that.
    My main argument for keep playing the song however is that it was written by a married couple as silly banter. So I doubt they wrote a song about rape together

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    • Oh totally! Thank you for these comments, love everything you have said a total voice of reason in the crazy world we live in. I actually loved hearing some radio stations still playing this song!


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