Christmas Wedding Planner (2017) Review


Kelsey Wilson is a wedding planner and about to get her big break she is planning her cousin’s wedding and it seems everything is working out well until Connor McClane turns up he’s a private instigator who was hired by a secret source to check out the groom.


I am going to be brutally honest about why I watched this film, yes you might have noticed that I have a slight problem with watching the trashy Christmas time films. But the main reason I watched this was because I had read an article about it possibly being one of the worst films of all time.

A very bold statement and let’s face it when you hear something is very bad you want to check it out for yourself and make sure it really is that bad. That is why I made the bold leap to watch this on Netflix. I can happily report that it is a terrible film, with terrible performances, terrible music placement and the worst thing was the terrible storyline (and ending).

I was tempted to turn it off after the first ten minutes but I persisted in my quest to find out if it is really a very bad film, plus it was the ending that had annoyed a lot of people the most. With good reason as well, how can something like that be appropriate in this day and age? Seriously, just marry someone you don’t know. WHAT MESSAGE IS THAT SENDING?!?!

Apologies for the cap lock typing but that did make me very annoyed and angry as it just felt like such a backwards step. When you think about some of the amazing stories and female performances we have had recently this film just goes against it all. Yes, I know it is a made for TV Christmas fluff of a film but surely they can still have nice messages and characters that can have a little bit of depth?

I would certainly hope so in all honesty. The only other thing was recognising George as someone from a boy band for the 90s? Yes, Joey Fatone from N*Sync! It was one of those strange things where I half recognised him!

Anyway, this was as bad as I had heard and then expected!

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