The Holiday

I think I need to re-watch The Holiday this Christmas (and review it) love Kate Winslet and her character in this film!


17 thoughts on “The Holiday

  1. This is a really good holiday film, especially with the love and respect shown to Eli Wallach as the elderly Writer…we can all debate whether Jack Black’s brief foray into “romantic lead” suffers when his counterpart is Jude Law, but he’s funny and warm, so there’s that!

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  2. There’s a great movie in there if they cut out the stuff with Cameron Diaz while they could still keep Jude Law as Kate’s brother. The stuff Kate Winslet did with Eli Wallach was incredible. I could watch those 2 read phone books and be enamored by them.

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  3. I agree with all this. Cameron in her heels in the snow – give over! But all the Kate and Jack stuff is lovely. I would take Jack Black’s character over Jude’s any day of the week. And I love Kate and Eli too. Especially explaining the meet cute. I watch it every year!

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