Robin Hood (2018) Review


Robin of Loxley a war hardened crusader who spent four years fighting for the cause, taken away from his love Marian and on his return to England everything had changed. His home had been ceased by the Sheriff of Nottingham and everything about the war effort is not as it seemed. Teaming up with John they decide to do something about it.


John helps Robin train and ‘The Hood’ is then born, stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor. This doesn’t really work out in the way they wanted it to as it makes the Sheriff of Nottingham try it take even more from those that have nothing.

Before heading to watch this film I had heard it was extremely bad and that is always a strange way to watch a film. I had the approach of surely it isn’t really that bad? To begin with it was ok, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. It didn’t take very long for that to change though as it really does get worse as it goes on and on. It reminded me of the latest King Arthur film which failed to hit the mark. Why do they need to change so many things about stories we already know?

I found the way they were calling him ‘the hood’ and nailing hoods everywhere was rather silly and did nothing to help the film. It made it look very poor and was that all they could come up with?

Marian was trying to help her fellow people as best she could and now she was with Will Scarlet who wanted to be political but did not really do anything too outspoken. He therefore did not like ‘the hood’ because of the manner he was doing things. It just seemed to get more frustrating as the film went on and I found the ending extremely annoying in terms of leaving it so they could make another film, please don’t!

Trying to keep the classic story and then add in a modern feel really does not work at all. We’ve had this with King Arthur in recent times let’s hope that filmmakers will now realise that attempted formula really does not work. I really cannot come up with any positive for this film, the accents were all over the place and changed as the film went on.

Tim Minchin was totally wasted as Friar Tuck, now he could have taken things in a different direction! Taron Egerton who I have become quite a fan of wasn’t really given much to really work with which was such a shame! Jamie Foxx seemed to try to channel Morgan Freeman from Prince of Thieves. So basically I can now fully understand the low ratings and bad reviews for this unnecessary “reboot” or “retelling”.

10 thoughts on “Robin Hood (2018) Review

  1. I rather thought the Ridley Scott film had proved that Robin Hood is done and dusted and needs a rest. How many ways can you tell a story? At least move it forward to the future maybe, like in a V for Vendetta/ 1984 kind of scenario. Give the film a chance to be ‘new/original’.

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