North East Pantomimes 2018!

Last year I put a list together of all the Pantomimes taking place in and around the North East. This year I thought I would put it together a lot earlier, so hopefully it will help raise awareness which Pantos are on during the festive season!

(If any of the venues would like me to come and review the show I would be more than happy to do that!)

The Customs House (South Shields)
Show: Beauty and the Beast
Starring: Ray Spencer 
Dates: 27/11/18-05/01/19
Price: £9.99-£18.50

Theatre Royal (Newcastle)

Show: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Starring: Danny Adams, Clive Webb and Chris Hayward
Dates: 27/11/2018-20/01/2019
Price: £13-34

Sunderland Empire
Show: Peter Pan
Starring: Richard McCourt, Jamie Lomas, Melanie Walters and Josh Andrews
Dates: 14/12/2018-06/01/2018
Price: £10-£41.50

Tyne Theatre and Opera House (Newcastle)

Show: Cinderella
Starring: Maureen Nolan, Jamie Lambert, Lola Saunders, Lewis Denny, Charlie Richmond and Connor Byrne
Dates: 07/12/2018-30/12/2018
Price: £15-£23

Gateshead Stadium

Show: Aladdin #GeordiePanto
Starring: Maxie Peters, Bob Stott, Brian Lonsdale, Sarah Challoner and Emily Swan
Dates: 08/12/2018-30/12/2018
Price: £24.20

Playhouse (Whitley Bay)

Show: Peter Pan
Starring: Antony Costa, Ben Hanson and Steve Walls
Dates: 01/12/2018-05/01/2019
Price: £17.45-£29

Gala Theatre (Durham)

Show: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Starring: Neil Armstrong, Pip Chamberlin, Lauren Waine, Paul Hartley and Paul Dunn.
Dates: 22/11/2018-05/01/2019
Price: £6-£17

Northern Stage (Newcastle)
If you don’t fancy a Panto and want to see A Christmas Carol in the build up then Northern stage have a production of this on.
Dates: 01/12/18-05/01/19
Price: £10-£35


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