The Grinch (2018) Review


The Grinch hates everything about Christmas and the way the village of Whoville celebrates it, this year he has had enough and decides he will steal Christmas!


The thing with The Grinch is that we already know all about the story and the character, that means that for a film we then need to be entertaining and well look very good. The great thing about this form of animation is that it really was lovely to watch, everything about it was so crisp and I thought visually the film looked very good!

The way the narration was in over the story was very good and I am guessing it was spot on to the original Dr Seuss story/poem as I know the way he wrote everything was in a poem and story method. I knew I recognised the narrator’s voice and that was Pharrell Williams taking on that role. I also want to admit that I had no idea it was Benedict Cumberbatch voicing The Grinch, he certainly put on a funny and different voice! I don’t really think I had seen the trailer before going into the film.

I’m trying to think of some parts which stood out and I think early on the Who’s that were Carol Singing was actually hilarious as they followed him round and then broke into a dance routine to go along with the singing. Unfortunately though that was the only part which had that type of breakout scene which ultimately was disappointing that nothing else in the film went to that scale.

Everything about the story builds up to The Grinch eventually being invited for a Christmas dinner and spending time with people. All thanks to Cindy-Lou who really was just a nice young girl, who was trying to get her mother more time at home with herself and twin brothers. You do feel for the young girl and she is supposed to be the whole spirit of Christmas. That is something I don’t like about Christmas films though filling everyone with the fake nonsense of the season and that we are all supposed to be super nice and amazing towards well everyone. So false and fake, we already have enough of that in the world I never get why we create more during the festive season.

Anyway I got a little bit distracted from the film for a moment! The fact Angela Lansbury had a small role as well, spotting her voice made me a little bit excited, great that she is still going strong and working on different types of films to this day! Only a very small role though you might even miss her!

In all honesty I don’t think we needed another version of this film as nothing is really changed about it. Surely we could just re-watch one of the older ones? Other than nice animation I don’t really feel this offered anything new or spectacular. We are in that dreaded remake and reboot era where everything is just done again.

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