Cineworld Secret Screening 10 – Possible Films


I guess this one could be seen as a big milestone as it is the 10th Secret Screening that Cineworld will be running for the Unlimited Card holders!

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Here are the films that I have put together as possibilities but as we have learnt recently it really could be anything! Which I personally love in all honesty as it shows that they are trying to cover many different genres.

I have also gone well into January as last year with the December secret screening we had a very big preview in terms of weeks to a film that came out in January!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (12th December)
I guess this would be a slight preview and a different entry into the Spider-Man world.

Aquaman (14th December)
I guess we can dream right? After how the Justice League film was received surely DC would like to give some previews for this one to create buzz? I know its a huge long shot!

Mortal Engines (14th December)
A new franchise that is coming and has Peter Jackson’s name linked to it, sounds a little bit strange though that London has become a giant predator on wheels. So maybe this will need some hype?

Lizzie (14th December)
Lizzie - Still 1
A secret romance, a film which has been at film festivals and not had the best of reviews.

Mary Poppins Returns (21st December)
Seriously let me dream that it will be this film. I really don’t think it would be but this would be my absolute choice for the secret screening.

Holmes & Watson (26th December)
I don’t think we have really had a comedy film as the secret screening, so this one which is due for release on Boxing Day is another from the duo of Ferrell and Reilly.

Bumblebee (26th December)
Another addition in the transformers franchise but apparently a much better instalment to the series!

The Favourite (1st January 2019)
This film has awards buzz surrounding it and no wonder as Emma Stone is in it too, I would love a period drama like this for the screening as it would certainly be different.

Stan & Ollie (11th January 2019)
Biopic for comedy legends Laurel and Hardy, probably a long shot but would be well welcomed as the screening I am sure.

Monsters and Men (11th January 2019)
I guess this would be very similar to The Hate U Give in terms of the racism in the storyline, so maybe we will get something different.

The Upside (11th January 2019)
I am happy watching well anything with Bryan Cranston and this would be no different, even if the subject matter does not sound fantastic . . .

Beautiful Boy (18th January 2019)
This film has so much Oscar buzz surrounding it and I would love a nice early preview, it has already been released in the US and done the rounds at many film festivals.

Mary Queen of Scots (18th January 2019)
Another film that looks very powerful and I have become a fan of Saoirse Ronan over the years. A historical film would be a first for the secret screening.

Glass (18th January 2019)
I am not really sure how I feel about this one considering I had not seen Unbreakable before Split and then didn’t understand the link, I then caught up. But I feel a film like this would be tricky as has everyone seen those other two films?


What film do you think it is going to be for the 10th Secret Screening from Cineworld? And which film do you want it to be? 


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