Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 1) Review


Sabrina Spellman must make a huge choice on her 16th birthday when she must choose between the witch world of her father’s family and the human or mortal world that her friends are in. She is half witch and half mortal and about to change everything about the witching world she is bound to become part of.

Sabrina lives with her two Auntie’s Zelda and Hilda, along with her cousin Ambrose who is on house arrest for something he had done in his past. This is actually something that it takes quite a while to find out about.

Take away any thoughts you might still have of Sabrina the Teenage witch as this adaptation from the comics is dark, gory and downright creepy at times. The witching world seems to be more like a cult in religion and hailing Satan and the Dark Lord. It takes no prisoners and it does not take long at all for the very dark tone to be set. With ten episodes it really does not take long to fly through it was you are taken into this mysterious world.

Sabrina has quite a happy life with her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle and spending time with her two best friends Rosalind Walker and Susie Putnam. All of them not really fitting in too well at school but finding each other. When different events happen Sabrina cannot bring herself to head to the other realm to fully be a witch and she manages to balance both of her lives. Well the best she can anyway, when attending her other school the creepy sisters Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas do not want her to have an easy life and are going to make her life hell.

Ambrose is probably the best character (so far) always being there to help when something goes wrong for Sabrina and let’s face it goes wrong a lot to begin with considering she thinks she knows more magic that she can actually manage. Like any teenager not listening to the adults that she has in her life and going against their wishes all the time.

I had actually forgot that the series was going to start on the 26th, so Netflix actually sent out a fantastic email to say you were invited to watch and signed by Hilda and Zelda. Such a great way to drum more interest towards the show. As well as Twitter taking on some emojis as part of it all. That certainly does create a bigger talking point around the show, hashtags do still work I promise!

In the UK it has a 15 rating but I think some of the scenes and events which happen easily could have pushed it up towards 18. It really is gory at times and some of it made me want to look away and I am not usually bothered by anything like that. The demons are haunting as well, which I guess is what we want with a demon, The nightmare episode was so effective and impressive. The way the series works is that they have it down to be two parts, this being part one and then part two coming next year. Which also adds me to the ending of part one, and my reaction to it being OMG! I wasn’t expecting that twist at the end to be brutally honest.

This really was filmed in such a unique way some of the scenes and shots looking a little rough around the edges and that was something that I found to set the eerie tone for the whole series, but I guess something with witches and warlocks in the mortal world is not going to be all friendly and nice. Adding an amazing edge to this spooky and creepy series, bring on part two!

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