Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Review


A look at the life of Freddie Mercury and how Queen became such a huge rock band, focusing on the Live Aid concert in 1985.


I love Queen

I just had to put that out there before starting the review, that also means that I have been looking forward to seeing this film. It was never going to be fully about Freddie Mercury and looking deep into his life though, as surely Brian May and Roger Taylor would like to protect his memory? That was something I had thought about even by the trailers. That is certainly what they managed to do and this film is just a glimpse into how things might have been.

We are taken from how Queen became well Queen and how Freddie became Freddie Mercury. Stepping away from his background and up bringing to be this unreal performer who owned every single stage. They left in the bickering and arguments between the band members and that certainly makes it feel more real. They regard each other as family and I felt as though that had to be told to make everyone care (even more) in terms of the flow in the film.

Overall in the film it covers around 15 years, starting in 1970 and filling in the gaps with those big hits and how they went on to rule the world. Even if it was for just a short time, the controversy and how Freddie Mercury brought unwanted press in ways that the band did not.

While the film does address his sexuality it seems to tame it down a little bit and drops hints and tries to let the viewer decide who were his lovers rather than making it perfectly clear. I felt as though this should have been handled in a better way. But never mind that didn’t stop me throughly enjoying everything about this film and still getting teary towards the end. Isn’t it strange when that happens even when you know how it is all going to end. It doesn’t focus too much on the AIDS part either, and I have since read that he didn’t get diagnosed until after Live Aid which is not what they put across in the film?

Rami Malek was truly outstanding and he really did become Freddie, the way he moved around the look on his face and well just becoming that Queen! Gwilym Lee was scary in appearance as Brian May and he really did look like him, pretty freaky but also very impressive at the same time. Ben Hardy also looked a lot like Roger Taylor as well. It does make you wonder how much input they had into well casting themselves. As well as that everyone had the right look and sound which really did help throughout the film.

I thought it was actually amazing to have Mike Myers as Ray Foster and giving him the line around teenagers won’t headbang to this song in the car. That being  Bohemian Rhapsody and thinking of the famous Wayne’s World scene!

Everything was building up to Live Aid and the recreation of that amazing set really was something else to watch on the big screen. It really did feel oh so real, so it was very well put together. I know the film has come up against bad reviews and comments. But I thought it was a very good piece of cinema with some amusing moments and honouring a legend in Freddie Mercury and showcasing Queen. Long live the Queen!

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