Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) Review


When a huge cyber-attack hits London and the UK it reveals all of the active undercover agents. Johnny English must come out of retirement and go old school to find the mastermind hacker behind these attacks.


Johnny English is currently working as a Geography teacher in an exclusive school but that is not stopping him from encouraging the students to train as young spies. This does create some rather amusing moments but I guess that would be a totally different film. He is brought back to MI7 by default really with him no longer being part of the organisation but when national security is at risk and he is not known they must rely on him to do a good job.

Obviously we know that it is not going to be very simple or straightforward and he bumbled through the mission in terrible fashion blowing things up, causing issues and in general being himself. A truly terrible spy. I am afraid to say though that this really did not have that many funny moments and I found it to be just too stupid now.

The only thing I actually found interesting was the Prime Minister and it certainly feels like a very good play on Theresa May! Maybe a little bit too close but that was what I felt was from Emma Thompson’s performance. Which was probably the only good thing about this film. I guess the cyber attack made the story pretty relevant. We are actually given a former Bond girl in the film as well in Olga Kurylenko, which was bugging me throughout as I knew I recognised her from another film (Quantum of Solace).

Rowan Atkinson is his usual silly self in the role of Johnny English which maybe should have just been left well and truly alone? Everything was way too predictable and just not as funny as the first time you see the spy spoof film. I guess I decided to give this one a try as some light relief from other films I have seen recently, but it just did not do that job well enough for me to be able to switch off and enjoy it.

So if you decide to miss this film I think that would be a very good idea, as you certainly do not gain anything by watching this film. Nothing new or groundbreaking going on at all with it.

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