The House Bunny (2008) Review


When Shelley a Playboy bunny is kicked out of the playboy mansion she must find somewhere else to live, she becomes the house-mother for a sorority which is filled with socially awkward girls.


Before you totally judge me for watching this film as it really is not great at all, I had decided to try to watch older Emma Stone films. I actually had no idea that she was actually in this one. Of course, I had heard about it before but no recollection that Emma Stone was actually in it.

The film starts with Shelley and being in the playboy mansion and loving life, a total air-head which does create some openly funny moments. Especially when she is kicked out, not in the right way though it wasn’t really Hugh Hefner that wanted her to leave it was another women being jealous!

She then must try to find a place to live and get a job. Having never really been out in the real world, it was always going to be difficult for her. Coming across a college and sorority houses she ends up becoming a very unlikely house mother! In a sorority which is going to be closed soon if they do not get 30 new pledges. The problem with that sorority is that the girls in it are not what you would expect in that environment.

All struggle socially and are very awkward especially when it comes to men. All in college to actually focus on the studying. This is where Shelley sees an opportunity to help them in the only way she knows how, to make them “beautiful”. I’m putting it like that as obviously that was an awful message to send out considering we really need to think more of people than just how they look. A very shallow approach!

The girls even lose themselves for a while and are taken in by the newly found popularity which is based on appearance. I was pleased they were then told that as it seemed as though the film had a really bad message with all that, I thought it was poor to claim that looks are well everything.

Not a film you want a teenage girl to watch really as it will spark them thinking that looks are everything. I guess even that redemption for Shelley was not enough to save it. As the damage had already been done. I will admit that I did laugh at some of the ridiculous lines Anna Faris was given. She really did get the bimbo tag in every single role I have ever seen her in! Something that really should have made me stay very clear of this film, so I am going to blame Emma Stone for me ending up wasting my time with this one. It does show how far she has come in terms of film quality though I guess. Avoiding this one would certainly be the better and safer option to be brutally honest.

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