A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Review


Freddy Krueger is the monstrous spirit of a slain janitor who is seeking revenge for his death by invading the dreams of the teenagers who parents were responsible.


Nancy Thompson is the strongest in the group of friends and she really manages to battle back against Freddy, something I found very good to watch in all honesty. The film really does take on a very creepy subject matter, he only gets you when you are asleep. If you don’t wake up he has certainly won! Something to really make you think twice about falling asleep at night.

The problem for the teenagers is that no one will actually believe them about the dreams and the clawed killer haunting them! When deaths start to happen others are given the blame, which was certainly not the case. It certainly blurred the line between dreams and reality when the killings and events happened when asleep but transfers into the real world.

Sometimes dreams do feel real but with some strange differences, which is the biggest reason that I feel this film works so well with the scare factor. Everyone goes to sleep, therefore nobody is safe from Freddy! Plus the adults don’t actually believe anything the teenagers are saying about the dreams and trying to find out the man who is in them. Or will they eventually?

The tension really is built up in this film by creating the horror of actually going to sleep, something that we would really struggle to avoid as eventually you will fall asleep somewhere. Nancy tries that approach and uses coffee as a method of staying awake. Trying to get her boyfriend to help and coming up with many different plans, she really does show a fantastic fight for survival.

Freddy was a child killer and therefore a very horrible man, his appearance therefore fits in very well with his character. Everything horrible and nasty! I will admit that some of his scenes do look rather amusing now, which I don’t think was the intention. Doesn’t make him or the situations any less creepy though! I totally wasn’t expecting the end scene either which really did take it all to the next level really as we don’t always get lovely happy endings do we? Of course not!


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